Structure Deck: Dragon's Roar is a Structure Deck in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Official Card Game (OCG) and Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game (TCG). It is the first deck in the OCG's Structure Deck series (ninth including the Character Structure Decks), following Structure Deck: Marik. In the TCG, it is the first deck.

In the korean OCG, Structure Deck: Dragon's Roar was also released on December 15, 2005 with Structure Deck: Zombie Madness as Structure Deck: Special Set.

Ferocious Dragons and ravaging Zombies clash in these two new Structure Decks. The Structure Decks are tournament tough, ready to play with out of the box with powerful hard to find cards. Each Deck contains 40 cards, including one brand new Ultra Rare monster, rulebook, and Dueling guide which assists a Duelist in taking his game to the next level.

— Upper Deck Entertainment


The Deck features Dragon-Type monsters, with feature cards used by Nightshroud, Atticus Rhodes & Chazz Princeton and also including "Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon", "Creature Swap", and "Armed Dragon LV5".

The "Let's Power Up This Deck! (With Booster Packs)" supplement suggests combining this Deck with "Buster Blader" from Dark Beginning 1, "Judgement of Anubis" from Dark Revelation Volume 1; "Inferno Fire Blast", "Armed Dragon LV7", and "Level Up!" from Soul of the Duelist; and "Covering Fire", "Mirage Dragon", "Mystic Swordsman LV6" and "Monster Reincarnation" from Rise of Destiny ("Armed Dragon LV7" is also available as a promotional card in Structure Deck: Deluxe Edition). "Horus the Black Flame Dragon" is shown, but not described.


Each Structure Deck: Dragon's Roar contains:



Card number Name Rarity Category Qty
SD1-EN001 "Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon" Ultra Rare Effect Monster1
SD1-EN002 "Red-Eyes B. Dragon" Common Normal Monster1
SD1-EN003 "Luster Dragon" Common Normal Monster2
SD1-EN004 "Twin-Headed Behemoth" Common Effect Monster1
SD1-EN005 "Armed Dragon LV3" Common Effect Monster2
SD1-EN006 "Armed Dragon LV5" Common Effect Monster2
SD1-EN007 "Black Dragon's Chick" Common Effect Monster1
SD1-EN008 "Element Dragon" Common Effect Monster1
SD1-EN009 "Masked Dragon" Common Effect Monster3
SD1-EN010 "Snatch Steal" Common Equip Spell Card1
SD1-EN011 "Mystical Space Typhoon" Common Quick-Play Spell Card1
SD1-EN012 "Nobleman of Crossout" Common Normal Spell Card2
SD1-EN013 "Premature Burial" Common Equip Spell Card1
SD1-EN014 "Swords of Revealing Light" Common Normal Spell Card1
SD1-EN015 "Pot of Greed" Common Normal Spell Card1
SD1-EN016 "Heavy Storm" Common Normal Spell Card1
SD1-EN017 "Stamping Destruction" Common Normal Spell Card3
SD1-EN018 "Creature Swap" Common Normal Spell Card2
SD1-EN019 "Reload" Common Quick-Play Spell Card2
SD1-EN020 "The Graveyard in the Fourth Dimension" Common Normal Spell Card1
SD1-EN021 "Call of the Haunted" Common Continuous Trap Card1
SD1-EN022 "Ceasefire" Common Normal Trap Card1
SD1-EN023 "The Dragon's Bead" Common Continuous Trap Card1
SD1-EN024 "Dragon's Rage" Common Continuous Trap Card2
SD1-EN025 "Reckless Greed" Common Normal Trap Card1
SD1-EN026 "Interdimensional Matter Transporter" Common [[]]2
SD1-EN027 "Trap Jammer" Common Counter Trap Card1
SD1-EN028 "Curse of Anubis" Common Normal Trap Card1

Card number English name French name Rarity Category Qty
SD1-FR001 "Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon"Dragon des Ténèbres aux Yeux Rouges Ultra Rare Effect Monster1
SD1-FR002 "Red-Eyes B. Dragon"Dragon Noir aux Yeux Rouges Common Normal Monster1
SD1-FR003 "Luster Dragon"Dragon Étincelant Common Normal Monster2
SD1-FR004 "Twin-Headed Behemoth"Béhémoth à Deux Têtes Common Effect Monster1
SD1-FR005 "Armed Dragon LV3"Dragon Armé LV3 Common Effect Monster2
SD1-FR006 "Armed Dragon LV5"Dragon Armé LV5 Common Effect Monster2
SD1-FR007 "Black Dragon's Chick"Poussin Dragon Noir Common Effect Monster1
SD1-FR008 "Element Dragon"Dragon Élémentaire Common Effect Monster1
SD1-FR009 "Masked Dragon"Dragon Masqué Common Effect Monster3
SD1-FR010 "Snatch Steal"Vol à l'Arraché Common Equip Spell Card1
SD1-FR011 "Mystical Space Typhoon"Typhon d'Espace Mystique Common Quick-Play Spell Card1
SD1-FR012 "Nobleman of Crossout"Seigneur de la Suppression Common Normal Spell Card2
SD1-FR013 "Premature Burial"Enterrement Prématuré Common Equip Spell Card1
SD1-FR014 "Swords of Revealing Light"Épées de Révélation de la Lumière Common Normal Spell Card1
SD1-FR015 "Pot of Greed"Pot de Cupidité Common Normal Spell Card1
SD1-FR016 "Heavy Storm"Violent Orage Common Normal Spell Card1
SD1-FR017 "Stamping Destruction"Écrasement Destructeur Common Normal Spell Card3
SD1-FR018 "Creature Swap"Permutation de Créature Common Normal Spell Card2
SD1-FR019 "Reload"Recharge Common Quick-Play Spell Card2
SD1-FR020 "The Graveyard in the Fourth Dimension"Le Cimetière de la Quatrième Dimension Common Normal Spell Card1
SD1-FR021 "Call of the Haunted"Appel de l'Être Hanté Common Continuous Trap Card1
SD1-FR022 "Ceasefire"Cessez-le-Feu Common Normal Trap Card1
SD1-FR023 "The Dragon's Bead"La Pierre du Dragon Common Continuous Trap Card1
SD1-FR024 "Dragon's Rage"La Colère du Dragon Common Continuous Trap Card2
SD1-FR025 "Reckless Greed"Avidité Téméraire Common Normal Trap Card1
SD1-FR026 "Interdimensional Matter Transporter" Common [[]]2
SD1-FR027 "Trap Jammer"Brouilleur de Piège Common Counter Trap Card1
SD1-FR028 "Curse of Anubis"Malédiction d'Anubis Common Normal Trap Card1

Card number English name German name Rarity Category Qty
SD1-DE001 "Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon"Rotäugiger Finsterer Drache Ultra Rare Effect Monster1
SD1-DE002 "Red-Eyes B. Dragon"Rotäugiger schwarzer Drache Common Normal Monster1
SD1-DE003 "Luster Dragon"Schimmerdrache Common Normal Monster2
SD1-DE004 "Twin-Headed Behemoth"Zweiköpfiger Behemoth Common Effect Monster1
SD1-DE005 "Armed Dragon LV3"Bewaffneter Drache LV3 Common Effect Monster2
SD1-DE006 "Armed Dragon LV5"Bewaffneter Drache LV5 Common Effect Monster2
SD1-DE007 "Black Dragon's Chick"Schwarzes Drachenküken Common Effect Monster1
SD1-DE008 "Element Dragon"Elementardrache Common Effect Monster1
SD1-DE009 "Masked Dragon"Maskierter Drache Common Effect Monster3
SD1-DE010 "Snatch Steal"Schnappstahl Common Equip Spell Card1
SD1-DE011 "Mystical Space Typhoon"Mystischer Raum-Taifun Common Quick-Play Spell Card1
SD1-DE012 "Nobleman of Crossout"Adliger der Auslöschung Common Normal Spell Card2
SD1-DE013 "Premature Burial"Voreiliges Begräbnis Common Equip Spell Card1
SD1-DE014 "Swords of Revealing Light"Verräterische Schwerter Common Normal Spell Card1
SD1-DE015 "Pot of Greed"Topf der Gier Common Normal Spell Card1
SD1-DE016 "Heavy Storm"Schwerer Sturm Common Normal Spell Card1
SD1-DE017 "Stamping Destruction"Stampfende Zerstörung Common Normal Spell Card3
SD1-DE018 "Creature Swap"Kreaturentausch Common Normal Spell Card2
SD1-DE019 "Reload"Nachladen Common Quick-Play Spell Card2
SD1-DE020 "The Graveyard in the Fourth Dimension"Friedhof in der Vierten Dimension Common Normal Spell Card1
SD1-DE021 "Call of the Haunted"Ruf der Gejagten Common Continuous Trap Card1
SD1-DE022 "Ceasefire"Waffenstillstand Common Normal Trap Card1
SD1-DE023 "The Dragon's Bead"Perle des Drachen Common Continuous Trap Card1
SD1-DE024 "Dragon's Rage"Drachenzorn Common Continuous Trap Card2
SD1-DE025 "Reckless Greed"Tollkühne Gier Common Normal Trap Card1
SD1-DE026 "Interdimensional Matter Transporter" Common [[]]2
SD1-DE027 "Trap Jammer"Fallenfalle Common Counter Trap Card1
SD1-DE028 "Curse of Anubis"Fluch des Anubis Common Normal Trap Card1

Card number English name Italian name Rarity Category Qty
SD1-IT001 "Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon"Drago Oscuro Occhi Rossi Ultra Rare Effect Monster1
SD1-IT002 "Red-Eyes B. Dragon"Drago Nero Occhi Rossi Common Normal Monster1
SD1-IT003 "Luster Dragon"Drago Avido Common Normal Monster2
SD1-IT004 "Twin-Headed Behemoth"Behemoth Bifronte Common Effect Monster1
SD1-IT005 "Armed Dragon LV3"Drago Armato LV3 Common Effect Monster2
SD1-IT006 "Armed Dragon LV5"Drago Armato LV5 Common Effect Monster2
SD1-IT007 "Black Dragon's Chick"Cucciolo di Occhi-Rossi Common Effect Monster1
SD1-IT008 "Element Dragon"Drago Elementale Common Effect Monster1
SD1-IT009 "Masked Dragon"Drago Mascherato Common Effect Monster3
SD1-IT010 "Snatch Steal"Strappa Possesso Common Equip Spell Card1
SD1-IT011 "Mystical Space Typhoon"Tifone Spaziale Mistico Common Quick-Play Spell Card1
SD1-IT012 "Nobleman of Crossout"Nobiluomo dello Scambio Common Normal Spell Card2
SD1-IT013 "Premature Burial"Sepoltura Prematura Common Equip Spell Card1
SD1-IT014 "Swords of Revealing Light"Spada Rivelatrice Common Normal Spell Card1
SD1-IT015 "Pot of Greed"Anfora dell'Avidità Common Normal Spell Card1
SD1-IT016 "Heavy Storm"Tempesta Potente Common Normal Spell Card1
SD1-IT017 "Stamping Destruction"Distruzione Schiacciante Common Normal Spell Card3
SD1-IT018 "Creature Swap"Scambio-Creature Common Normal Spell Card2
SD1-IT019 "Reload"Ricarica Common Quick-Play Spell Card2
SD1-IT020 "The Graveyard in the Fourth Dimension"Il Cimitero nella Quarta Dimensione Common Normal Spell Card1
SD1-IT021 "Call of the Haunted"Richiamo del Posseduto Common Continuous Trap Card1
SD1-IT022 "Ceasefire"Cessate il Fuoco Common Normal Trap Card1
SD1-IT023 "The Dragon's Bead"La Perla di Drago Common Continuous Trap Card1
SD1-IT024 "Dragon's Rage"Rabbia del Drago Common Continuous Trap Card2
SD1-IT025 "Reckless Greed"Cupidigia Insaziabile Common Normal Trap Card1
SD1-IT026 "Interdimensional Matter Transporter" Common [[]]2
SD1-IT027 "Trap Jammer"Disturba Trappola Common Counter Trap Card1
SD1-IT028 "Curse of Anubis"Maledizione di Anubis Common Normal Trap Card1

Card number English name Portuguese name Rarity Category Qty
SD1-PT001 "Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon"Dragão das Trevas de Olhos Vermelhos Ultra Rare Effect Monster1
SD1-PT002 "Red-Eyes B. Dragon"Dragão Negro de Olhos Vermelhos Common Normal Monster1
SD1-PT003 "Luster Dragon"Dragão do Brilho Common Normal Monster2
SD1-PT004 "Twin-Headed Behemoth"Behemoth de Duas Cabeças Common Effect Monster1
SD1-PT005 "Armed Dragon LV3"Dragão Armado LV3 Common Effect Monster2
SD1-PT006 "Armed Dragon LV5"Dragão Armado LV5 Common Effect Monster2
SD1-PT007 "Black Dragon's Chick"Filhote do Dragão Negro Common Effect Monster1
SD1-PT008 "Element Dragon"Dragão do Elemento Common Effect Monster1
SD1-PT009 "Masked Dragon"Dragão Mascarado Common Effect Monster3
SD1-PT010 "Snatch Steal"Roubo Precipitado Common Equip Spell Card1
SD1-PT011 "Mystical Space Typhoon"Tufão Espacial Místico Common Quick-Play Spell Card1
SD1-PT012 "Nobleman of Crossout"O Nobre de Crossout Common Normal Spell Card2
SD1-PT013 "Premature Burial"Enterro Precoce Common Equip Spell Card1
SD1-PT014 "Swords of Revealing Light"Espadas da Luz Reveladora Common Normal Spell Card1
SD1-PT015 "Pot of Greed"Pote da Ganância Common Normal Spell Card1
SD1-PT016 "Heavy Storm"Tempestade Pesada Common Normal Spell Card1
SD1-PT017 "Stamping Destruction"Destruição com os Pés Common Normal Spell Card3
SD1-PT018 "Creature Swap"Troca de Criaturas Common Normal Spell Card2
SD1-PT019 "Reload"Recarregar Common Quick-Play Spell Card2
SD1-PT020 "The Graveyard in the Fourth Dimension"O Cemitério na Quarta Dimensão Common Normal Spell Card1
SD1-PT021 "Call of the Haunted"Chamado dos Assombrados Common Continuous Trap Card1
SD1-PT022 "Ceasefire"Cessar-Fogo Common Normal Trap Card1
SD1-PT023 "The Dragon's Bead"A Pedra do Dragão Common Continuous Trap Card1
SD1-PT024 "Dragon's Rage"Ira do Dragão Common Continuous Trap Card2
SD1-PT025 "Reckless Greed"Ganância Descuidada Common Normal Trap Card1
SD1-PT026 "Interdimensional Matter Transporter" Common [[]]2
SD1-PT027 "Trap Jammer"Bloqueador de Armadilhas Common Counter Trap Card1
SD1-PT028 "Curse of Anubis"Maldição de Anúbis Common Normal Trap Card1

Card number English name Spanish name Rarity Category Qty
SD1-SP001 "Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon"Dragón de Oscuridad de Ojos Rojos Ultra Rare Effect Monster1
SD1-SP002 "Red-Eyes B. Dragon"Dragón Negro de Ojos Rojos Common Normal Monster1
SD1-SP003 "Luster Dragon"Dragón del Brillo Common Normal Monster2
SD1-SP004 "Twin-Headed Behemoth"Behemoth de Dos Cabezas Common Effect Monster1
SD1-SP005 "Armed Dragon LV3"Dragón Armado LV3 Common Effect Monster2
SD1-SP006 "Armed Dragon LV5"Dragón Armado LV5 Common Effect Monster2
SD1-SP007 "Black Dragon's Chick"Cría de Dragón Negro Common Effect Monster1
SD1-SP008 "Element Dragon"Dragón Elemental Common Effect Monster1
SD1-SP009 "Masked Dragon"Dragón Enmascarado Common Effect Monster3
SD1-SP010 "Snatch Steal"Robo Oportunista Common Equip Spell Card1
SD1-SP011 "Mystical Space Typhoon"Tifón del Espacio Místico Common Quick-Play Spell Card1
SD1-SP012 "Nobleman of Crossout"Noble de Crossout Common Normal Spell Card2
SD1-SP013 "Premature Burial"Entierro Prematuro Common Equip Spell Card1
SD1-SP014 "Swords of Revealing Light"Espadas de la Luz Reveladora Common Normal Spell Card1
SD1-SP015 "Pot of Greed"Olla de la Codicia Common Normal Spell Card1
SD1-SP016 "Heavy Storm"Tormenta Fuerte Common Normal Spell Card1
SD1-SP017 "Stamping Destruction"Destrucción Aplastante Common Normal Spell Card3
SD1-SP018 "Creature Swap"Intercambio de Criatura Common Normal Spell Card2
SD1-SP019 "Reload"Recarga Common Quick-Play Spell Card2
SD1-SP020 "The Graveyard in the Fourth Dimension"El Cementerio en la Cuarta Dimensión Common Normal Spell Card1
SD1-SP021 "Call of the Haunted"Llamada de los Condenados Common Continuous Trap Card1
SD1-SP022 "Ceasefire"Tregua Common Normal Trap Card1
SD1-SP023 "The Dragon's Bead"La Cuenta del Dragón Common Continuous Trap Card1
SD1-SP024 "Dragon's Rage"La Furia del Dragón Common Continuous Trap Card2
SD1-SP025 "Reckless Greed"Codicia Imprudente Common Normal Trap Card1
SD1-SP026 "Interdimensional Matter Transporter" Common [[]]2
SD1-SP027 "Trap Jammer"Disruptor de Trampa Common Counter Trap Card1
SD1-SP028 "Curse of Anubis"Maldición de Anubis Common Normal Trap Card1

Card number English name Japanese name Rarity Category Qty
SD1-JP001 "Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon"真紅眼の闇竜レッドアイズ・ダークネスドラゴン Ultra Rare Effect Monster1
SD1-JP002 "Red-Eyes B. Dragon"真紅眼の黒竜レッドアイズ・ブラックドラゴン Common Normal Monster1
SD1-JP003 "Luster Dragon"サファイアドラゴン Common Normal Monster2
SD1-JP004 "Twin-Headed Behemoth"ドル・ドラ Common Effect Monster1
SD1-JP005 "Armed Dragon LV3"アームド・ドラゴン LVレベル Common Effect Monster2
SD1-JP006 "Armed Dragon LV5"アームド・ドラゴン LVレベル Common Effect Monster2
SD1-JP007 "Black Dragon's Chick"こくりゅうひな Common Effect Monster1
SD1-JP008 "Element Dragon"エレメント・ドラゴン Common Effect Monster1
SD1-JP009 "Masked Dragon"仮面竜マスクド・ドラゴン Common Effect Monster3
SD1-JP010 "Snatch Steal"ごうだつ Common Equip Spell Card1
SD1-JP011 "Mystical Space Typhoon"サイクロン Common Quick-Play Spell Card1
SD1-JP012 "Nobleman of Crossout"まっさつ使 Common Normal Spell Card2
SD1-JP013 "Premature Burial"はやすぎたまいそう Common Equip Spell Card1
SD1-JP014 "Swords of Revealing Light"ひかりふうけん Common Normal Spell Card1
SD1-JP015 "Pot of Greed"ごうよくつぼ Common Normal Spell Card1
SD1-JP016 "Heavy Storm"おおあらし Common Normal Spell Card1
SD1-JP017 "Stamping Destruction"スタンピング・クラッシュ Common Normal Spell Card3
SD1-JP018 "Creature Swap"きょうせいてん Common Normal Spell Card2
SD1-JP019 "Reload"リロード Common Quick-Play Spell Card2
SD1-JP020 "The Graveyard in the Fourth Dimension"げんはか Common Normal Spell Card1
SD1-JP021 "Call of the Haunted"リビングデッドのごえ Common Continuous Trap Card1
SD1-JP022 "Ceasefire"ていせんきょうてい Common Normal Trap Card1
SD1-JP023 "The Dragon's Bead"ドラゴンのほうじゅ Common Continuous Trap Card1
SD1-JP024 "Dragon's Rage"りゅうげきりん Common Continuous Trap Card2
SD1-JP025 "Reckless Greed"ぼうよく Common Normal Trap Card1
SD1-JP026 "Interdimensional Matter Transporter" Common [[]]2
SD1-JP027 "Trap Jammer"トラップ・ジャマー Common Counter Trap Card1
SD1-JP028 "Curse of Anubis"アヌビスののろ Common Normal Trap Card1

Card number English name Korean name Rarity Category Qty
SD1-KR001 "Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon"붉은 눈의 암룡 Ultra Rare Effect Monster1
SD1-KR002 "Red-Eyes B. Dragon"붉은 눈의 흑룡 Common Normal Monster1
SD1-KR003 "Luster Dragon"사파이어 드래곤 Common Normal Monster2
SD1-KR004 "Twin-Headed Behemoth"돌도라 Common Effect Monster1
SD1-KR005 "Armed Dragon LV3"암드 드래곤 LV3 Common Effect Monster2
SD1-KR006 "Armed Dragon LV5"암드 드래곤 LV5 Common Effect Monster2
SD1-KR007 "Black Dragon's Chick"아기 흑룡 Common Effect Monster1
SD1-KR008 "Element Dragon"엘리멘틀 드래곤 Common Effect Monster1
SD1-KR009 "Masked Dragon"가면룡 Common Effect Monster3
SD1-KR010 "Snatch Steal"강탈 Common Equip Spell Card1
SD1-KR011 "Mystical Space Typhoon"싸이크론 Common Quick-Play Spell Card1
SD1-KR012 "Nobleman of Crossout"말살의사도 Common Normal Spell Card2
SD1-KR013 "Premature Burial"성급한 매장 Common Equip Spell Card1
SD1-KR014 "Swords of Revealing Light"빛의 봉인검 Common Normal Spell Card1
SD1-KR015 "Pot of Greed"욕망의 항아리 Common Normal Spell Card1
SD1-KR016 "Heavy Storm"태풍 Common Normal Spell Card1
SD1-KR017 "Stamping Destruction" Common Normal Spell Card3
SD1-KR018 "Creature Swap"강제전이 Common Normal Spell Card2
SD1-KR019 "Reload"리로드 Common Quick-Play Spell Card2
SD1-KR020 "The Graveyard in the Fourth Dimension"사차원의 묘 Common Normal Spell Card1
SD1-KR021 "Call of the Haunted"리 빙 데드가 부르는 소리 Common Continuous Trap Card1
SD1-KR022 "Ceasefire"정전 협정 Common Normal Trap Card1
SD1-KR023 "The Dragon's Bead" Common Continuous Trap Card1
SD1-KR024 "Dragon's Rage" Common Continuous Trap Card2
SD1-KR025 "Reckless Greed"무모한 욕심쟁이 Common Normal Trap Card1
SD1-KR026 "Interdimensional Matter Transporter" Common [[]]2
SD1-KR027 "Trap Jammer"트랩 재머 Common Counter Trap Card1
SD1-KR028 "Curse of Anubis"아누비스의 저주 Common Normal Trap Card1

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