Zombie World Structure Deck

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Zombie World Structure Deck
  • Structure Deck: Zombie World

Deck de Structure: Le Monde des Zombies


Structure Deck: Zombie World


Structure Deck: Mondo Zombie


Baraja de Estructura: Mundo Zombi

Set information


  • SDZW-EN (en)
  • SDZW-FR (fr)
  • SDZW-DE (de)
  • SDZW-IT (it)
  • SDZW-SP (sp)
Number of cards


Cover card
Yugioh-Card database ID
Release dates
English (na)
  • October 21, 2008
English (eu)
  • October 21, 2008
English (oc)
  • October 21, 2008
French, German, Italian, Spanish
  • October 21, 2008
Spanish (lat-am)
  • October 21, 2008

Structure Deck: Zombie World

Structure Deck: Zombie World is a Structure Deck in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game (TCG). It is the thirteenth deck in the TCG's Structure Deck series, following Structure Deck: The Dark Emperor. This deck is the TCG equivalent of Structure Deck: Undead World in the OCG.


The deck features Zombie-Type Monsters, adapting it to the new format to build and create new Zombie-Type Decks. Beginners of the game will find this an easy to use deck to experience the joy of the Zombie-Type group. It includes a new Red-Eyes B. Dragon counterpart, "Red-Eyes Zombie Dragon".


Each Structure Deck: Zombie World contains 40 cards in total. The number of card of each rarity are as follows:



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Structure Deck: Zombie World
(TCG - English)
Set # Name Rarity Card # Category Qty
SDZW-EN001 Red-Eyes Zombie Dragon Ultra Rare 05186893 Effect Monster 1
SDZW-EN002 Malevolent Mech - Goku En Common 31571902 Effect Monster 1
SDZW-EN003 Paladin of the Cursed Dragon Common 68670547 Effect Monster 1
SDZW-EN004 Gernia Common 77936940 Effect Monster 1
SDZW-EN005 Patrician of Darkness Common 19153634 Effect Monster 1
SDZW-EN006 Royal Keeper Common 16509093 Effect Monster 1
SDZW-EN007 Pyramid Turtle Common 77044671 Effect Monster 2
SDZW-EN008 Master Kyonshee Common 24530661 Normal Monster 1
SDZW-EN009 Spirit Reaper Common 23205979 Effect Monster 1
SDZW-EN010 Getsu Fuhma Common 21887179 Effect Monster 1
SDZW-EN011 Ryu Kokki Common 57281778 Effect Monster 1
SDZW-EN012 Regenerating Mummy Common 70821187 Effect Monster 2
SDZW-EN013 Des Lacooda Common 02326738 Effect Monster 1
SDZW-EN014 Marionette Mite Common 87514539 Effect Monster 1
SDZW-EN015 Plague Wolf Common 55696885 Effect Monster 1
SDZW-EN016 Zombie Master Common 17259470 Effect Monster 2
SDZW-EN017 Zombie World Common 04064256 Field Spell Card 1
SDZW-EN018 Spell Shattering Arrow Common 93260132 Quick-Play Spell Card 1
SDZW-EN019 Cold Wave Common 60682203 Normal Spell Card 1
SDZW-EN020 Magical Stone Excavation Common 98494543 Normal Spell Card 1
SDZW-EN021 Card of Safe Return Common 57953380 Continuous Spell Card 1
SDZW-EN022 Creature Swap Common 31036355 Normal Spell Card 1
SDZW-EN023 Book of Life Common 02204140 Normal Spell Card 1
SDZW-EN024 Call of the Mummy Common 04861205 Continuous Spell Card 1
SDZW-EN025 Terraforming Common 73628505 Normal Spell Card 1
SDZW-EN026 Pot of Avarice Common 67169062 Normal Spell Card 1
SDZW-EN027 Shrink Common 55713623 Quick-Play Spell Card 1
SDZW-EN028 Field Barrier Common 07153114 Continuous Spell Card 1
SDZW-EN029 Soul Taker Common 81510157 Normal Spell Card 1
SDZW-EN030 Ribbon of Rebirth Common 37534148 Equip Spell Card 1
SDZW-EN031 Card Destruction Common 72892473 Normal Spell Card 1
SDZW-EN032 Imperial Iron Wall Common 30459350 Continuous Trap Card 1
SDZW-EN033 Dust Tornado Common 60082869 Normal Trap Card 1
SDZW-EN034 Bottomless Trap Hole Common 29401950 Normal Trap Card 1
SDZW-EN035 Tutan Mask Common 03149764 Counter Trap Card 1
SDZW-EN036 Waboku Common 12607053 Normal Trap Card 1
SDZW-EN037 Magical Arm Shield Common 96008713 Normal Trap Card 1


Facts about "Zombie World Structure Deck"RDF feed
Cover cardRed-Eyes Zombie Dragon +
English (EN) release date21 October 2008 +
English database ID161,601,247 +
English nameStructure Deck: Zombie World +
English release date21 October 2008 +
English set and region prefixSDZW-EN +
English set prefixSDZW +
European English release date21 October 2008 +
European English retail release date21 October 2008 +
European Spanish release date21 October 2008 +
European Spanish retail release date21 October 2008 +
French nameDeck de Structure: Le Monde des Zombies +
French release date21 October 2008 +
French retail release date21 October 2008 +
French set and region prefixSDZW-FR +
French set prefixSDZW +
German nameStructure Deck: Zombie World +
German release date21 October 2008 +
German retail release date21 October 2008 +
German set and region prefixSDZW-DE +
German set prefixSDZW +
Italian nameStructure Deck: Mondo Zombie +
Italian release date21 October 2008 +
Italian retail release date21 October 2008 +
Italian set and region prefixSDZW-IT +
Italian set prefixSDZW +
Latin American Spanish release date21 October 2008 +
Latin American Spanish retail release date21 October 2008 +
MediumOfficial +
North American English release date21 October 2008 +
North American English retail release date21 October 2008 +
OCG set prefixSDZW +
Oceanic English release date21 October 2008 +
Oceanic English retail release date21 October 2008 +
Page nameZombie World Structure Deck +
Page typeSet page +
Set typeStructure Deck +
Spanish nameBaraja de Estructura: Mundo Zombi +
Spanish release date21 October 2008 +
Spanish set and region prefixSDZW-SP +
Spanish set prefixSDZW +
TCG set prefixSDZW +

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