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Structure Deck: Yugi
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Kanji and furigana

STRUCTURE DECK(ストラクチャーデッキ) —遊戯編—




ストラクチャーデッキ —遊戯編—


Sutorakuchā Dekki: Yūgi-hen


Structure Deck: Yugi Edition

Set information


  • YU (ja)
Number of cards


Cover card
Yugioh-Card database ID
Release dates
  • June 28, 2001

Structure Deck: Yugi

Structure Deck: Yugi is a Structure Deck in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Official Card Game (OCG). It is the first deck in the OCG's Structure Deck series.


The deck features cards used by Yugi Muto. This Deck contains 2 new cards ("Swift Gaia the Fierce Knight" and "Obnoxious Celtic Guard") as well as a new artwork of "Dark Magician Girl". Many of the cards, in particular "Dark Magician Girl", "Magician of Black Chaos" and "Black Magic Ritual", should have been printed with the Replica writing, which wasn't printed as the result of an error.


Each Structure Deck: Yugi contains 56 cards in total. The number of card of each rarity are as follows:



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STRUCTURE DECK(ストラクチャーデッキ) —遊戯編—
(OCG - Japanese)
Set number English name Japanese name Rarity Card number Category Qty
YU-01 Dark Magician Girl ブラック・マジシャン・ガール Super Rare Effect Monster 1
YU-02 Swift Gaia the Fierce Knight (しっ)(ぷう)(あん)(こく)()()ガイア Ultra Rare 16589042 Effect Monster 1
YU-03 Obnoxious Celtic Guard (ほん)(ろう)するエルフの(けん)() Ultra Rare 52077741 Effect Monster 1
YU-04 Archfiend of Gilfer (あん)(こく)()(ぞく) ギルファー・デーモン Common 50287060 Effect Monster 1
YU-05 Buster Blader バスター・ブレイダー Common 78193831 Effect Monster 1
YU-06 Valkyrion the Magna Warrior ()(しゃく)(せん)(し<)マグネット・バルキリオン Common 75347539 Effect Monster 1
YU-07 Kuriboh クリボー Common 40640057 Effect Monster 1
YU-08 Berfomet バフォメット Common 77207191 Effect Monster 1
YU-09 Giant Rat (きょ)(だい)ネズミ Common 97017120 Effect Monster 2
YU-10 Cyber Jar サイバーポッド Common 34124316 Flip Effect Monster 1
YU-11 Penguin Soldier ペンギン・ソルジャー Common 93920745 Effect Monster 1
YU-12 Alpha The Magnet Warrior 磁石の戦士α(マグネット・ウォリアー・アルファ) Common 99785935 Normal Monster 1
YU-13 Beta The Magnet Warrior 磁石の戦士β(マグネット・ウォリアー・ベータ) Common 39256679 Normal Monster 1
YU-14 Gamma The Magnet Warrior 磁石の戦士γ(マグネット・ウォリアー・ガンマ) Common 11549357 Normal Monster 1
YU-15 Dark Magician ブラック・マジシャン Common 46986414 Normal Monster 2
YU-16 Gazelle the King of Mythical Beasts (げん)(じゅう)(おう)ガゼル Common 05818798 Normal Monster 1
YU-17 Giant Soldier of Stone (がん)(せき)(きょ)(へい) Common 13039848 Normal Monster 2
YU-18 Card Destruction ()(ふだ)(まっ)(さつ) Common 72892473 Normal Spell Card 1
YU-19 Swords of Revealing Light (ひかり)()(ふう)(けん) Common 72302403 Normal Spell Card 1
YU-20 Monster Reborn ()(しゃ)()(せい) Common 83764718 Normal Spell Card 1
YU-21 Pot of Greed (ごう)(よく)(つぼ) Common 55144522 Normal Spell Card 1
YU-22 Change of Heart (こころ)()わり Common 04031928 Normal Spell Card 1
YU-23 Graceful Charity (てん)使()(ほどこ) Common 79571449 Normal Spell Card 1
YU-24 Fissure ()() Common 66788016 Normal Spell Card 2
YU-25 Mystical Space Typhoon サイクロン Common 05318639 Quick-Play Spell Card 2
YU-26 Polymerization (ゆう)(ごう) Common 24094653 Normal Spell Card 1
YU-27 Multiply (ぞう)(しょく) Common 40703222 Quick-Play Spell Card 1
YU-28 Dark Hole ブラック・ホール Common 53129443 Normal Spell Card 1
YU-29 Mystic Box ()のマジック・ボックス Common 25774450 Normal Spell Card 1
YU-30 Premature Burial (はや)すぎた(まい)(そう) Common 70828912 Equip Spell Card 1
YU-31 Magic Cylinder 魔法の筒(マジック・シリンダ) Common 62279055 Normal Trap Card 1
YU-32 Mirror Force (せい)なるバリア-ミラーフォース- Common 44095762 Normal Trap Card 1
YU-33 Magical Hats マジカルシルクハット Common 81210420 Normal Trap Card 1
YU-34 Shift シフトチェンジ Common 59560625 Normal Trap Card 1
YU-35 Spellbinding Circle (ろく)(ぼう)(せい)(じゅ)(ばく) Common 18807108 Continuous Trap Card 1
YU-36 Backup Soldier ()(じゅう)(よう)(いん) Common 36280194 Normal Trap Card 2
YU-37 Magic Jammer マジック・ジャマー Common 77414722 Counter Trap Card 1
YU-38 Chimera the Flying Mythical Beast (ゆう)(よく)(げん)(じゅう)キマイラ Common 04796100 Fusion Monster 1
YU-39 Silver Fang シルバー・フォング Common 90357090 Normal Monster 1
YU-40 Beaver Warrior ルイーズ Common 32452818 Normal Monster 1
YU-41 Magician of Black Chaos マジシャン・オブ・ブラックカオス Common Ritual Monster 1
YU-42 Black Magic Ritual カオス-(くろ)()(じゅつ)()(しき) Common Ritual Spell Card 1
YU-43 De-Spell ()(ほう)(じょ)(きょ) Common 19159413 Normal Spell Card 1
YU-44 Gaia Power ガイアパワー Common 56594520 Field Spell Card 2
YU-45 Nobleman of Crossout (まっ)(さつ)使()() Common 71044499 Normal Spell Card 1
YU-46 Giant Trunade ハリケーン Common 42703248 Normal Spell Card 2
YU-47 The Eye of Truth (しん)(じつ)() Common 34694160 Continuous Trap Card 1
YU-48 Ultimate Offering ()(だい)(しょう) Common 80604091 Continuous Trap Card 1

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