Structure Deck: Roar of the Sea Emperor

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Structure Deck: Roar of the Sea Emperor
Flag of Japan Japanese
Kanji and furigana

STRUCTURE DECK(ストラクチャーデッキ)(かい)(おう)(ほう)(こう)




ストラクチャーデッキ —かいおうのほうこう—


Sutorakuchā Dekki: Kaiō no Hōkō

Flag of South Korea Korean

STRUCTURE DECK(스트럭처 덱) —해황의 포효—

Base text



스트럭처 덱 —해황의 포효—

Revised Romanization

Seuteuleogcheo Deg: Haehwang-ui Pohyo

Set information


  • SD23-JP (ja)
  • SD23-KR (ko)
Number of cards


Cover card
Yugioh-Card database ID
Related sets
Special Edition

Structure Deck: Roar of the Sea Emperor: Special Edition

Release dates
  • June 16, 2012
  • September 4, 2012

Structure Deck: Roar of the Sea Emperor

Structure Deck: Roar of the Sea Emperor is a Structure Deck in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Official Card Game (OCG). It is the twenty-third deck in the OCG's Structure Deck series (thirty-first including the Character Structure Decks), following Structure Deck: Dragonic Legion. The TCG equivalent of this deck is Realm of the Sea Emperor Structure Deck.


The deck features around the WATER and Sea Serpent Theme. It includes many reprints, as well as introduces support for the "Atlantean" archetype.


Each Structure Deck: Roar of the Sea Emperor contains 40 cards in total. The number of card of each rarity are as follows:



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STRUCTURE DECK(ストラクチャーデッキ)(かい)(おう)(ほう)(こう)
(OCG - Japanese)
Set number English name Japanese name Rarity Card number Category Qty
SD23-JP001 Poseidra, the Atlantean Dragon (かい)(おう)(りゅう) ポセイドラ Ultra Rare 47826112 Effect Monster 1
SD23-JP002 Atlantean Dragoons (かい)(おう)(りゅう)()(たい) Super Rare 74311226 Effect Monster 1
SD23-JP003 Atlantean Marksman (かい)(おう)()(げき)(へい) Common 00706925 Effect Monster 1
SD23-JP004 Atlantean Heavy Infantry (かい)(おう)(じゅう)(そう)(へい) Common 37104630 Effect Monster 1
SD23-JP005 Atlantean Pikeman (かい)(おう)(なが)(やり)(へい) Common 26976414 Normal Monster 1
SD23-JP006 Atlantean Attack Squad (かい)(おう)(とつ)(げき)(へい) Common 08078366 Effect Monster 1
SD23-JP007 Lost Blue Breaker ロスト・ブルー・ブレイカー Common 95231062 Effect Monster 1
SD23-JP008 Armed Sea Hunter アームズ・シーハンター Common 20470500 Effect Monster 1
SD23-JP009 Spined Gillman ニードル・ギルマン Common 42463414 Effect Monster 1
SD23-JP010 Deep Sea Diva (しん)(かい)のディーヴァ Common 78868119 Tuner monster 1
SD23-JP011 Mermaid Archer シー・アーチャー Common 04252828 Effect Monster 1
SD23-JP012 Codarus コダロス Common 65496056 Effect Monster 1
SD23-JP013 Warrior of Atlantis アトランティスの(せん)() Common 43797906 Effect Monster 1
SD23-JP014 Abyss Soldier アビス・ソルジャー Common 18318842 Effect Monster 1
SD23-JP015 Skreech スクリーチ Common 27655513 Effect Monster 1
SD23-JP016 Snowman Eater スノーマンイーター Common 91133740 Effect Monster 1
SD23-JP017 Nightmare Penguin ペンギン・ナイトメア Common 81306586 Effect Monster 1
SD23-JP018 Penguin Soldier ペンギン・ソルジャー Common 93920745 Effect Monster 1
SD23-JP019 Deep Diver ディープ・ダイバー Common 17559367 Effect Monster 1
SD23-JP020 Reese the Ice Mistress (ひょう)(だん)使(つか)いレイス Common 30276969 Tuner monster 1
SD23-JP021 Mother Grizzly グリズリーマザー Common 57839750 Effect Monster 1
SD23-JP022 Call of the Atlanteans (かい)(おう)(ほう)(こう) Super Rare 73199638 Quick-Play Spell Card 1
SD23-JP023 A Legendary Ocean (でん)(せつ)(みやこ) アトランティス Common 00295517 Field Spell Card 2
SD23-JP024 Terraforming テラ・フォーミング Common 73628505 Normal Spell Card 1
SD23-JP025 Water Hazard ウォーターハザード Common 49669730 Continuous Spell Card 1
SD23-JP026 Aqua Jet アクア・ジェット Common 07653207 Normal Spell Card 1
SD23-JP027 Surface ()(じょう) Common 33057951 Normal Spell Card 1
SD23-JP028 Moray of Greed (ごう)(よく)なウツボ Common 22123627 Normal Spell Card 1
SD23-JP029 Salvage サルベージ Common 96947648 Normal Spell Card 1
SD23-JP030 Dark Hole ブラック・ホール Common 53129443 Normal Spell Card 1
SD23-JP031 Pot of Avarice (どん)(よく)(つぼ) Common 67169062 Normal Spell Card 1
SD23-JP032 Aegis of the Ocean Dragon Lord (かい)(りゅう)(しん)()() Common 07935043 Normal Trap Card 1
SD23-JP033 Forgotten Temple of the Deep (ぼう)(きゃく)(かい)(てい)(しん)殿(でん) Common 43889633 Continuous Trap Card 1
SD23-JP034 Tornado Wall 竜巻海流壁(トルネード・ウォール) Common 18605135 Continuous Trap Card 1
SD23-JP035 Torrential Tribute (げき)(りゅう)(そう) Common 53582587 Normal Trap Card 1
SD23-JP036 Spiritual Water Art - Aoi (すい)(れい)(じゅつ)-「(あおい) Common 06540606 Normal Trap Card 1
SD23-JP037 Gravity Bind グラヴィティ・バインド-(ちょう)(じゅう)(りょく)(あみ) Common 85742772 Continuous Trap Card 1
SD23-JP038 Chain Disappearance 連鎖除外(チェーン・ロスト) Common 57139487 Normal Trap Card 1
SD23-JP039 Karma Cut (いん)()(せつ)(だん) Common 71587526 Normal Trap Card 1


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