Realm of the Sea Emperor Structure Deck

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Realm of the Sea Emperor Structure Deck
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  • Structure Deck: Realm of the Sea Emperor
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  • SDRE-EN (en)
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Release dates
English (na)
  • October 16, 2012

Structure Deck: Realm of the Sea Emperor

Structure Deck: Realm of the Sea Emperor is a Structure Deck in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game (TCG). It is the twenty-third deck in the TCG's Structure Deck series, following Structure Deck: Samurai Warlords. This deck is the TCG equivalent of Structure Deck: Roar of the Sea Emperor in the OCG.



Each Structure Deck: Realm of the Sea Emperor contains 40 cards in total. The number of card of each rarity are as follows:



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Realm of the Sea Emperor Structure Deck
(TCG - English)
Set # Name Rarity Category Qty
SDRE-EN001 Poseidra, the Atlantean Dragon Ultra Rare Effect Monster 1
SDRE-EN002 Atlantean Dragoons Super Rare Effect Monster 1
SDRE-EN003 Atlantean Marksman Common Effect Monster 1
SDRE-EN004 Atlantean Heavy Infantry Common Effect Monster 1
SDRE-EN005 Atlantean Pikeman Common Normal Monster 1
SDRE-EN006 Atlantean Attack Squad Common Effect Monster 1
SDRE-EN007 Lost Blue Breaker Common Effect Monster 1
SDRE-EN008 Armed Sea Hunter Common Effect Monster 1
SDRE-EN009 Spined Gillman Common Effect Monster 1
SDRE-EN010 Deep Sea Diva Common Tuner monster 1
SDRE-EN011 Mermaid Archer Common Effect Monster 1
SDRE-EN012 Codarus Common Effect Monster 1
SDRE-EN013 Warrior of Atlantis Common Effect Monster 1
SDRE-EN014 Abyss Soldier Common Effect Monster 1
SDRE-EN015 Skreech Common Effect Monster 1
SDRE-EN016 Snowman Eater Common Effect Monster 1
SDRE-EN017 Nightmare Penguin Common Effect Monster 1
SDRE-EN018 Penguin Soldier Common Flip Effect Monster 1
SDRE-EN019 Deep Diver Common Effect Monster 1
SDRE-EN020 Reese the Ice Mistress Common Tuner monster 1
SDRE-EN021 Mother Grizzly Common Effect Monster 1
SDRE-EN022 Friller Rabca Common Effect Monster 1
SDRE-EN023 Call of the Atlanteans Super Rare Quick-Play Spell Card 1
SDRE-EN024 A Legendary Ocean Common Field Spell Card 2
SDRE-EN025 Terraforming Common Normal Spell Card 1
SDRE-EN026 Water Hazard Common Continuous Spell Card 1
SDRE-EN027 Aqua Jet Common Normal Spell Card 1
SDRE-EN028 Surface Common Normal Spell Card 1
SDRE-EN029 Moray of Greed Common Normal Spell Card 1
SDRE-EN030 Salvage Common Normal Spell Card 1
SDRE-EN031 Dark Hole Common Normal Spell Card 1
SDRE-EN032 Big Wave Small Wave Common Normal Spell Card 1
SDRE-EN033 Aegis of the Ocean Dragon Lord Common Normal Trap Card 1
SDRE-EN034 Forgotten Temple of the Deep Common Continuous Trap Card 1
SDRE-EN035 Tornado Wall Common Continuous Trap Card 1
SDRE-EN036 Torrential Tribute Common Normal Trap Card 1
SDRE-EN037 Spiritual Water Art - Aoi Common Normal Trap Card 1
SDRE-EN038 Gravity Bind Common Continuous Trap Card 1
SDRE-EN039 Poseidon Wave Common Normal Trap Card 1

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Le Royaume de l’Empereur des Mers Deck de Structure
(TCG - French)
Set number English Name French Name Rarity
SDRE-FR001 Poseidra, the Atlantean Dragon Poseidra, le Dragon de l'Atlantide Ultra Rare
SDRE-FR002 Atlantean Dragoons Cavalerie Dragon de l'Atlantide Super Rare
SDRE-FR003 Atlantean Marksman Tireur de l'Atlantide Common
SDRE-FR004 Atlantean Heavy Infantry Infanterie Lourde de l'Atlantide Common
SDRE-FR005 Atlantean Pikeman Lancier de l'Atlantide Common
SDRE-FR006 Atlantean Attack Squad Escouade d'Attaque de l'Atlantide Common
SDRE-FR007 Lost Blue Breaker Destructeur du Grand Bleu Common
SDRE-FR008 Armed Sea Hunter Chasseur des Mers Common
SDRE-FR009 Spined Gillman Soldat Triton Common
SDRE-FR010 Deep Sea Diva Diva des Profondeurs Common
SDRE-FR011 Mermaid Archer Sirène Archère Common
SDRE-FR012 Codarus Codarus Common
SDRE-FR013 Warrior of Atlantis Guerrier de l'Atlantide Common
SDRE-FR014 Abyss Soldier Soldat des Abysses Common
SDRE-FR015 Skreech Skreech Common
SDRE-FR016 Snowman Eater Bonhomme de Neige Carnivore Common
SDRE-FR017 Nightmare Penguin Pingouin de Cauchemar Common
SDRE-FR018 Penguin Soldier Soldat Pingouin Common
SDRE-FR019 Deep Diver Explorateur des Profondeurs Common
SDRE-FR020 Reese the Ice Mistress Reese, Maîtresse de la Glace Common
SDRE-FR021 Mother Grizzly Mère Grizzly Common
SDRE-FR022 Friller Rabca Rabca Tueur Common
SDRE-FR023 Call of the Atlanteans Appel de l'Atlantide Super Rare
SDRE-FR024 A Legendary Ocean Océan Légendaire Common
SDRE-FR025 Terraforming Terra Formation Common
SDRE-FR026 Water Hazard Tsunami Common
SDRE-FR027 Aqua Jet Jet Aqua Common
SDRE-FR028 Surface Surface Common
SDRE-FR029 Moray of Greed Murène de Cupidité Common
SDRE-FR030 Salvage Sauvetage Common
SDRE-FR031 Dark Hole Trou Noir Common
SDRE-FR032 Big Wave Small Wave Déferlante et Vaguelette Common
SDRE-FR033 Aegis of the Ocean Dragon Lord Égide du Seigneur Dragon des Océans Common
SDRE-FR034 Forgotten Temple of the Deep Temple Oublié des Profondeurs Common
SDRE-FR035 Tornado Wall Mur Tornade Common
SDRE-FR036 Torrential Tribute Hommage Torrentiel Common
SDRE-FR037 Spiritual Water Art - Aoi Aoi, Artiste de l'Eau Spirituelle Common
SDRE-FR038 Gravity Bind Filet Gravitationnel Common
SDRE-FR039 Poseidon Wave Vague de Poséidon Common

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Realm of the Sea Emperor Structure Deck
(TCG - German)
Set number English Name German Name Rarity
SDRE-DE001 Poseidra, the Atlantean Dragon Poseidra, der atlantische Drache Ultra Rare
SDRE-DE002 Atlantean Dragoons Atlantische Dragoner Super Rare
SDRE-DE003 Atlantean Marksman Atlantischer Scharfschütze Common
SDRE-DE004 Atlantean Heavy Infantry Atlantische schwere Infanterie Common
SDRE-DE005 Atlantean Pikeman Atlantischer Pikenier Common
SDRE-DE006 Atlantean Attack Squad Atlantischer Angriffstrupp Common
SDRE-DE007 Lost Blue Breaker Verlorener blauer Brecher Common
SDRE-DE008 Armed Sea Hunter Bewaffneter Meeresjäger Common
SDRE-DE009 Spined Gillman Stachliger Gillman Common
SDRE-DE010 Deep Sea Diva Tiefseetaucher Common
SDRE-DE011 Mermaid Archer Armbrustschütz​en-Meerjungfra​u Common
SDRE-DE012 Codarus Codarus Common
SDRE-DE013 Warrior of Atlantis Krieger von Atlantis Common
SDRE-DE014 Abyss Soldier Abgrund-Soldat Common
SDRE-DE015 Skreech Kreischen Common
SDRE-DE016 Snowman Eater Schneemannfres​ser Common
SDRE-DE017 Nightmare Penguin Alptraum-Pingu​in Common
SDRE-DE018 Penguin Soldier Pinguinsoldat Common
SDRE-DE019 Deep Diver Tieftaucher Common
SDRE-DE020 Reese the Ice Mistress Reese die Eisherrin Common
SDRE-DE021 Mother Grizzly Mutter Grizzly Common
SDRE-DE022 Friller Rabca Kragen-Rabca Common
SDRE-DE023 Call of the Atlanteans Ruf der atlantischen Einwohner Super Rare
SDRE-DE024 A Legendary Ocean Ein Legendärer Ozean Common
SDRE-DE025 Terraforming Landformen Common
SDRE-DE026 Water Hazard Gefahr aus dem Wasser Common
SDRE-DE027 Aqua Jet Aqua-Jet Common
SDRE-DE028 Surface Auftauchen Common
SDRE-DE029 Moray of Greed Muräne der Gier Common
SDRE-DE030 Salvage Reparieren Common
SDRE-DE031 Dark Hole Schwarzes Loch Common
SDRE-DE032 Big Wave Small Wave Große Welle, Kleine Welle Common
SDRE-DE033 Aegis of the Ocean Dragon Lord Obhut des Ozeandrachenhe​rrschers Common
SDRE-DE034 Forgotten Temple of the Deep Vergessener Tempel der Tiefe Common
SDRE-DE035 Tornado Wall Tornadowand Common
SDRE-DE036 Torrential Tribute Reißender Tribut Common
SDRE-DE037 Spiritual Water Art - Aoi Spiritistische Wasserkunst - Aoi Common
SDRE-DE038 Gravity Bind Schwerkraftbin​dung Common
SDRE-DE039 Poseidon Wave Poseidon-Welle Common

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Regno dell’Imperatore del Mare Structure Deck
(TCG - Italian)
Set number English Name Italian Name Rarity
SDRE-IT001 Poseidra, the Atlantean Dragon Poseidra, il Drago Atlantico Ultra Rare
SDRE-IT002 Atlantean Dragoons Dragoni Atlantici Super Rare
SDRE-IT003 Atlantean Marksman Cecchino Atlantico Common
SDRE-IT004 Atlantean Heavy Infantry Fanteria Pesante Atlantica Common
SDRE-IT005 Atlantean Pikeman Picchiere Atlantico Common
SDRE-IT006 Atlantean Attack Squad Squadra d'Attacco Atlantica Common
SDRE-IT007 Lost Blue Breaker Frantumatore del Blu Perduto Common
SDRE-IT008 Armed Sea Hunter Cacciatore Marino Armato Common
SDRE-IT009 Spined Gillman Uomo Branchia Spinato Common
SDRE-IT010 Deep Sea Diva Diva del Mare Profondo Common
SDRE-IT011 Mermaid Archer Sirena Arciera Common
SDRE-IT012 Codarus Codarus Common
SDRE-IT013 Warrior of Atlantis Guerriero di Atlantide Common
SDRE-IT014 Abyss Soldier Soldato dell'Abisso Common
SDRE-IT015 Skreech Skreech Common
SDRE-IT016 Snowman Eater Pupazzo di Neve Carnivoro Common
SDRE-IT017 Nightmare Penguin Pinguino dell'Incubo Common
SDRE-IT018 Penguin Soldier Soldato Pinguino Common
SDRE-IT019 Deep Diver Esploratore delle Profondità Common
SDRE-IT020 Reese the Ice Mistress Reese, Signora del Ghiaccio Common
SDRE-IT021 Mother Grizzly Madre Grizzly Common
SDRE-IT022 Friller Rabca Rabca Sperone Common
SDRE-IT023 Call of the Atlanteans Richiamo degli Atlantici Super Rare
SDRE-IT024 A Legendary Ocean Un Oceano Leggendario Common
SDRE-IT025 Terraforming Terraformare Common
SDRE-IT026 Water Hazard Pericolo Acquatico Common
SDRE-IT027 Aqua Jet Acqua Jet Common
SDRE-IT028 Surface Riemersione Common
SDRE-IT029 Moray of Greed Murena dell'Avidità Common
SDRE-IT030 Salvage Recupero Common
SDRE-IT031 Dark Hole Buco Nero Common
SDRE-IT032 Big Wave Small Wave Piccola Onda Grande Onda Common
SDRE-IT033 Aegis of the Ocean Dragon Lord Egida del Signore dei Draghi dell'Oceano Common
SDRE-IT034 Forgotten Temple of the Deep Tempio Dimenticato degli Abissi Common
SDRE-IT035 Tornado Wall Muro Tornado Common
SDRE-IT036 Torrential Tribute Tributo Torrenziale Common
SDRE-IT037 Spiritual Water Art - Aoi Arte Spirituale dell'Acqua - Aoi Common
SDRE-IT038 Gravity Bind Legame Gravitazionale Common
SDRE-IT039 Poseidon Wave Onda Poseidon Common

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El Reino del Emperador de los Mares Baraja de Estructura
(TCG - Spanish)
Set number English Name Spanish Name Rarity
SDRE-SP001 Poseidra, the Atlantean Dragon Poseidra, el Dragón de Atlantis Ultra Rare
SDRE-SP002 Atlantean Dragoons Infantes Montados de Atlantis Super Rare
SDRE-SP003 Atlantean Marksman Tirador de Atlantis Common
SDRE-SP004 Atlantean Heavy Infantry Infantería Pesada de Atlantis Common
SDRE-SP005 Atlantean Pikeman Piquero de Atlantis Common
SDRE-SP006 Atlantean Attack Squad Escuadrón de Ataque Atlantis Common
SDRE-SP007 Lost Blue Breaker Rompedor Azul Perdido Common
SDRE-SP008 Armed Sea Hunter Cazador de Mar Armado Common
SDRE-SP009 Spined Gillman Tritón Espinado Common
SDRE-SP010 Deep Sea Diva Diva del Océano Profundo Common
SDRE-SP011 Mermaid Archer Arquera Sirena Common
SDRE-SP012 Codarus Codarus Common
SDRE-SP013 Warrior of Atlantis Guerrero de Atlantis Common
SDRE-SP014 Abyss Soldier Soldado del Abismo Common
SDRE-SP015 Skreech Skreech Common
SDRE-SP016 Snowman Eater Hombre de Nieve Comilón Common
SDRE-SP017 Nightmare Penguin Pingüino de Pesadilla Common
SDRE-SP018 Penguin Soldier Soldado Pingüino Common
SDRE-SP019 Deep Diver Buzo de las Profundidades Common
SDRE-SP020 Reese the Ice Mistress Disparador de Hielo Reese Common
SDRE-SP021 Mother Grizzly Madre Oso Pardo Common
SDRE-SP022 Friller Rabca Rabca Ornado Common
SDRE-SP023 Call of the Atlanteans Llamada de Atlantis Super Rare
SDRE-SP024 A Legendary Ocean Un Océano Legendario Common
SDRE-SP025 Terraforming Terraformación Common
SDRE-SP026 Water Hazard Riesgo Acuático Common
SDRE-SP027 Aqua Jet Aqua Jet Common
SDRE-SP028 Surface Superficie Common
SDRE-SP029 Moray of Greed Anguila de la Avaricia Common
SDRE-SP030 Salvage Rescate Common
SDRE-SP031 Dark Hole Agujero Oscuro Common
SDRE-SP032 Big Wave Small Wave Gran Ola Pequeña Ola Common
SDRE-SP033 Aegis of the Ocean Dragon Lord Égida del Señor Dragón del Océano Common
SDRE-SP034 Forgotten Temple of the Deep Templo Olvidado de las Profundidades Common
SDRE-SP035 Tornado Wall Muro de Tornado Common
SDRE-SP036 Torrential Tribute Tributo Torrencial Common
SDRE-SP037 Spiritual Water Art - Aoi Arte Espiritual del Agua - Aoi Common
SDRE-SP038 Gravity Bind Atar a la Gravedad Common
SDRE-SP039 Poseidon Wave Ola de Poseidón Common


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