Structure Deck: Pendulum Evolution

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Structure Deck: Pendulum Evolution
Kanji and furigana

STRUCTURE DECKストラクチャーデッキ -ペンデュラムエボリューション-


STRUCTURE DECK -ペンデュラムエボリューション-


ストラクチャーデッキ -ペンデュラムエボリューション-


Sutorakuchā Dekki - Pendyuramu Eboryūshon -

Set information


  • SD31-JP (jp)
Number of cards


Cover card
Yugioh-Card database ID
Release dates
  • December 23, 2016

Pendulum Evolution

Structure Deck: Pendulum Evolution is a Structure Deck in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Official Card Game. It is the thirty-third Deck in the OCG's Structure Deck series, following Structure Deck: Seto Kaiba.[1]



Each Structure Deck: Pendulum Evolution contains:



Set number English name Japanese name Rarity Category
SD31-JP001 Astrograph Sorcerer アストログラフ・マジシャン Ultra Rare Effect Pendulum Monster
SD31-JP002 Chronograph Sorcerer クロノグラフ・マジシャン Super Rare Effect Pendulum Monster
SD31-JP003 Iris Magician こうさいじゅつ Super Rare Effect Pendulum Monster
SD31-JP004 Black Fang Magician こくじゅつ Super Rare Effect Pendulum Monster
SD31-JP005 White Wing Magician はくよくじゅつ Super Rare Effect Pendulum Tuner monster
SD31-JP006 Violet Poison Magician どくじゅつ Super Rare Effect Pendulum Monster
SD31-JP007 Stargazer Magician ほしみのじゅつ Common Effect Pendulum Monster
SD31-JP008 Timegazer Magician ときみのじゅつ Common Effect Pendulum Monster
SD31-JP009 Xiangke Magician そうこくじゅつ Common Effect Pendulum Monster
SD31-JP010 Xiangsheng Magician そうじょうじゅつ Common Effect Pendulum Monster
SD31-JP011 Timebreaker Magician こっけんじゅつ Common Effect Pendulum Monster
SD31-JP012 Acrobatic Magician きょくげいじゅつ Common Effect Pendulum Monster
SD31-JP013 Dragoncalling Magician こうりゅうじゅつ Common Effect Pendulum Monster
SD31-JP014 Wisdom-Eye Magician けいがんじゅつ Common Effect Pendulum Monster
SD31-JP015 Dharma-Eye Magician ほうがんじゅつ Common Effect Pendulum Monster
SD31-JP016 Tuning Magician 調ちょうりつじゅつ Common Effect Tuner monster
SD31-JP017 Foucault's Cannon フーコーのほうせき Common Normal Pendulum Monster
SD31-JP018 Risebell the Summoner しょうかんライズベルト Common Normal Pendulum Monster
SD31-JP019 Hypnosister ヒュプノシスター Common Effect Monster
SD31-JP020 Archfiend Eccentrick エキセントリック・デーモン Common Effect Pendulum Monster
SD31-JP021 Guiding Ariadne かいほうのアリアドネ Common Effect Pendulum Monster
SD31-JP022 Zany Zebra ヨコシマウマ Common Effect Pendulum Monster
SD31-JP023 Pendulumgraph of Ages せいそうのペンデュラムグラフ Common Continuous Spell Card
SD31-JP024 Amazing Pendulum アメイジング・ペンデュラム Common Normal Spell Card
SD31-JP025 Wavering Eyes れるまな Common Quick-Play Spell Card
SD31-JP026 Pot of Riches きんまんつぼ Common Normal Spell Card
SD31-JP027 Spell Wall 魔力隔壁マジック・ウォール Common Normal Spell Card
SD31-JP028 Double Cyclone ダブル・サイクロン Common Quick-Play Spell Card
SD31-JP029 Chicken Game チキンレース Common Field Spell Card
SD31-JP030 Upstart Goblin なりきんゴブリン Common Normal Spell Card
SD31-JP031 Miracle Synchro Fusion ミラクルシンクロフュージョン Common Normal Spell Card
SD31-JP032 Pendulumgraph of Spacetime くうのペンデュラムグラフ Common Continuous Trap Card
SD31-JP033 Time-Space Trap Hole くうとしあな Common Normal Trap Card
SD31-JP034 Pendulum Reborn ペンデュラム・リボーン Common Normal Trap Card
SD31-JP035 Pendulum Hole ペンデュラム・ホール Common Counter Trap Card
SD31-JP036 Echo Oscillation れんせいするしんどう Common Continuous Trap Card
SD31-JP037 Unwavering Bond るがぬきずな Common Counter Trap Card
SD31-JP038 Extra Buck 臨時収入エクストラバック Common Continuous Trap Card
SD31-JP039 Magician's Circle マジシャンズ・サークル Common Normal Trap Card
SD31-JP040 Solemn Scolding かみちゅうこく Common Counter Trap Card
SD31-JP041 Startime Magician せいこくじゅつ Ultra Rare Effect Xyz Monster
SD31-JP042 Enlightenment Paladin 覚醒の魔導剣士エンライトメント・パラディン Common Effect Synchro Monster
SD31-JP043 Supreme Arcanite Magician どうアーカナイト・マジシャン Common Effect Fusion Monster


  1. "The Organization | [OCG] 20th Anniversary Pack 1st Wave & Structure Deck: Pendulum Evolution". YGOrganization. August 31, 2016. Retrieved August 31, 2016.

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