Structure Deck: Pendulum Evolution is a Structure Deck in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Official Card Game. It is the thirty-third Deck in the OCG's Structure Deck series, following Structure Deck: Seto Kaiba.[1]



Each Structure Deck: Pendulum Evolution contains:



Card number English name Japanese name Rarity Category
SD31-JP001 Astrograph Sorcererアストログラフ・マジシャン Ultra Rare Effect Pendulum Monster
SD31-JP002 Chronograph Sorcererクロノグラフ・マジシャン Super Rare Effect Pendulum Monster
SD31-JP003 Double Iris Magicianこうさいじゅつ Super Rare Effect Pendulum Monster
SD31-JP004 Black Fang Magicianこくじゅつ Super Rare Effect Pendulum Monster
SD31-JP005 White Wing Magicianはくよくじゅつ Super Rare Effect Tuner Pendulum Monster
SD31-JP006 Purple Poison Magicianどくじゅつ Super Rare Effect Pendulum Monster
SD31-JP007 Stargazer Magicianほしみのじゅつ Common Effect Pendulum Monster
SD31-JP008 Timegazer Magicianときみのじゅつ Common Effect Pendulum Monster
SD31-JP009 Xiangke Magicianそうこくじゅつ Common Effect Pendulum Monster
SD31-JP010 Xiangsheng Magicianそうじょうじゅつ Common Effect Pendulum Monster
SD31-JP011 Timebreaker Magicianこっけんじゅつ Common Effect Pendulum Monster
SD31-JP012 Acrobatic Magicianきょくげいじゅつ Common Effect Pendulum Monster
SD31-JP013 Dragoncaller Magicianこうりゅうじゅつ Common Effect Pendulum Monster
SD31-JP014 Wisdom-Eye Magicianけいがんじゅつ Common Effect Pendulum Monster
SD31-JP015 Dharma-Eye Magicianほうがんじゅつ Common Effect Pendulum Monster
SD31-JP016 Tuning Magician調ちょうりつじゅつ Common Effect Tuner monster
SD31-JP017 Foucault's Cannonフーコーのほうせき Common Normal Pendulum Monster
SD31-JP018 Risebell the Summonerしょうかんライズベルト Common Normal Pendulum Monster
SD31-JP019 Hypnosisterヒュプノシスター Common Effect Monster
SD31-JP020 Archfiend Eccentrickエキセントリック・デーモン Common Effect Pendulum Monster
SD31-JP021 Guiding Ariadneかいほうのアリアドネ Common Effect Pendulum Monster
SD31-JP022 Zany Zebraヨコシマウマ Common Effect Pendulum Monster
SD31-JP023 Star Pendulumgraphせいそうのペンデュラムグラフ Common Continuous Spell Card
SD31-JP024 Amazing Pendulumアメイジング・ペンデュラム Common Normal Spell Card
SD31-JP025 Wavering Eyesれるまな Common Quick-Play Spell Card
SD31-JP026 Pot of Richesきんまんつぼ Common Normal Spell Card
SD31-JP027 Spell Wall魔力隔壁マジック・ウォール Common Normal Spell Card
SD31-JP028 Double Cycloneダブル・サイクロン Common Quick-Play Spell Card
SD31-JP029 Chicken Gameチキンレース Common Field Spell Card
SD31-JP030 Upstart Goblinなりきんゴブリン Common Normal Spell Card
SD31-JP031 Miracle Synchro Fusionミラクルシンクロフュージョン Common Normal Spell Card
SD31-JP032 Time Pendulumgraphくうのペンデュラムグラフ Common Continuous Trap Card
SD31-JP033 Time-Space Trap Holeくうとしあな Common Normal Trap Card
SD31-JP034 Pendulum Rebornペンデュラム・リボーン Common Normal Trap Card
SD31-JP035 Pendulum Holeペンデュラム・ホール Common Counter Trap Card
SD31-JP036 Echo Oscillationれんせいするしんどう Common Continuous Trap Card
SD31-JP037 Unwavering Bondるがぬきずな Common Counter Trap Card
SD31-JP038 Extra Buck臨時収入エクストラバック Common Continuous Trap Card
SD31-JP039 Magician's Circleマジシャンズ・サークル Common Normal Trap Card
SD31-JP040 Solemn Scoldingかみちゅうこく Common Counter Trap Card
SD31-JP041 Timestar Magicianせいこくじゅつ Ultra Rare Effect Xyz Monster
SD31-JP042 Enlightenment Paladin覚醒の魔導剣士エンライトメント・パラディン Common Effect Synchro Monster
SD31-JP043 Supreme Arcanite Magicianどうアーカナイト・マジシャン Common Effect Fusion Monster

Card number English name Korean name Rarity Category
SD31-KR001 Astrograph Sorcerer아스트로그래프 매지션 Ultra Rare Effect Pendulum Monster
SD31-KR002 Chronograph Sorcerer크로노그래프 매지션 Super Rare Effect Pendulum Monster
SD31-KR003 Double Iris Magician흥채의 마술사 Super Rare Effect Pendulum Monster
SD31-KR004 Black Fang Magician흑아의 마술사 Super Rare Effect Pendulum Monster
SD31-KR005 White Wing Magician백익의 마술사 Super Rare Effect Tuner Pendulum Monster
SD31-KR006 Purple Poison Magician자독의 마술사 Super Rare Effect Pendulum Monster
SD31-KR007 Stargazer Magician별을 읽는 마술사 Common Effect Pendulum Monster
SD31-KR008 Timegazer Magician시간을 읽는 마술사 Common Effect Pendulum Monster
SD31-KR009 Xiangke Magician상극의 마술사 Common Effect Pendulum Monster
SD31-KR010 Xiangsheng Magician상생의 마술사 Common Effect Pendulum Monster
SD31-KR011 Timebreaker Magician각검의 마술사 Common Effect Pendulum Monster
SD31-KR012 Acrobatic Magician곡예의 마술사 Common Effect Pendulum Monster
SD31-KR013 Dragoncaller Magician강룡의 마술사 Common Effect Pendulum Monster
SD31-KR014 Wisdom-Eye Magician혜안의 마술사 Common Effect Pendulum Monster
SD31-KR015 Dharma-Eye Magician법안의 마술사 Common Effect Pendulum Monster
SD31-KR016 Tuning Magician조율의 마술사 Common Effect Tuner monster
SD31-KR017 Foucault's Cannon후코의 마포석 Common Normal Pendulum Monster
SD31-KR018 Risebell the Summoner소환사 라이즈벨트 Common Normal Pendulum Monster
SD31-KR019 Hypnosister휴프노시스터 Common Effect Monster
SD31-KR020 Archfiend Eccentrick익센트릭 데몬 Common Effect Pendulum Monster
SD31-KR021 Guiding Ariadne해방의 아리아드네 Common Effect Pendulum Monster
SD31-KR022 Zany Zebra괴짜 얼룩말 Common Effect Pendulum Monster
SD31-KR023 Star Pendulumgraph성상의 펜듈럼그래프 Common Continuous Spell Card
SD31-KR024 Amazing Pendulum어메이징 펜듈럼 Common Normal Spell Card
SD31-KR025 Wavering Eyes흔들리는 눈빛 Common Quick-Play Spell Card
SD31-KR026 Pot of Riches졸부의 항아리 Common Normal Spell Card
SD31-KR027 Spell Wall매직 월 Common Normal Spell Card
SD31-KR028 Double Cyclone더블 싸이크론 Common Quick-Play Spell Card
SD31-KR029 Chicken Game치킨게임 Common Field Spell Card
SD31-KR030 Upstart Goblin갑부 고블린 Common Normal Spell Card
SD31-KR031 Miracle Synchro Fusion미라클 싱크로 퓨전 Common Normal Spell Card
SD31-KR032 Time Pendulumgraph시공의 펜듈럼그래프 Common Continuous Trap Card
SD31-KR033 Time-Space Trap Hole시공의 함정 속으로 Common Normal Trap Card
SD31-KR034 Pendulum Reborn펜듈럼 리본 Common Normal Trap Card
SD31-KR035 Pendulum Hole펜듈럼 홀 Common Counter Trap Card
SD31-KR036 Echo Oscillation연성하는 진동 Common Continuous Trap Card
SD31-KR037 Unwavering Bond흔들리지 않는 연 Common Counter Trap Card
SD31-KR038 Extra Buck엑스트라백 Common Continuous Trap Card
SD31-KR039 Magician's Circle매지션즈 서클 Common Normal Trap Card
SD31-KR040 Solemn Scolding신의 충고 Common Counter Trap Card
SD31-KR041 Timestar Magician별을 새기는 마술사 Ultra Rare Effect Xyz Monster
SD31-KR042 Enlightenment Paladin엔라이트멘트 파라딘 Common Effect Synchro Monster
SD31-KR043 Supreme Arcanite Magician패마도사 아캐나이트 매지션 Common Effect Fusion Monster


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