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Structure Deck: Joey Volume 2
Kanji and furigana

STRUCTURE DECKストラクチャーデッキ —城之内編— Volume.2


STRUCTURE DECK —城之内編— Volume.2


ストラクチャーデッキ —城之内編— Volume.2


Sutorakuchā Dekki: Jōunouchi-hen Boryūmu Tsū


Structure Deck: Jonouchi Edition Volume 2

Set information


  • SJ2 (jp)
Number of cards


Cover card
Yugioh-Card database ID
Release dates
  • August 7, 2003

Joey Volume 2

Structure Deck: Joey Volume 2 is a Structure Deck in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Official Card Game (OCG). It is the sixth deck in the OCG's Structure Deck series, following Structure Deck: Yugi Volume 2.


The deck features many luck based cards and other cards used by Katsuya Jonouchi towards the end of the Battle City arc.


Each Structure Deck: Joey Volume 2 contains 55 cards in total. The number of card of each rarity are as follows:



Set number English name Japanese name Rarity Category
SJ2-001 Baby Dragon ベビードラゴン Common Normal Monster
SJ2-002 Alligator's Sword ワイバーンのせん Common Normal Monster
SJ2-003 Swordsman of Landstar ランドスターのけん Common Normal Monster
SJ2-004 Axe Raider アックス・レイダー Common Normal Monster
SJ2-005 Great Angus グレート・アンガス Common Normal Monster
SJ2-006 Battle Footballer バトルフットボーラー Common Normal Monster
SJ2-007 Red-Eyes B. Dragon 真紅眼の黒竜レッドアイズ・ブラックドラゴン Common Normal Monster
SJ2-008 Gilford the Lightning ギルフォード・ザ・ライトニング Ultra Rare Effect Monster
SJ2-009 Jinzo じんぞうにんげん-サイコ・ショッカー Common Effect Monster
SJ2-010 Little-Winguard リトル・ウィンガード Common Effect Monster
SJ2-011 Exarion Universe イグザリオン・ユニバース Common Effect Monster
SJ2-012 Gearfried the Iron Knight てつ ギア・フリード Common Effect Monster
SJ2-013 Time Wizard ときじゅつ Common Effect Monster
SJ2-014 Exiled Force ならずものようへいたい Common Effect Monster
SJ2-015 D.D. Warrior げんせん Common Effect Monster
SJ2-016 Marauding Captain たいちょう Common Effect Monster
SJ2-017 Tornado Bird トルネード・バード Common Flip monster
SJ2-018 Sinister Serpent キラー・スネーク Common Effect Monster
SJ2-019 Roulette Barrel ルーレットボマー Common Effect Monster
SJ2-020 Sasuke Samurai いっとうりょうだんざむらい Common Effect Monster
SJ2-021 Graceful Dice てん使のサイコロ Common Quick-Play Spell Card
SJ2-022 Giant Trunade ハリケーン Common Normal Spell Card
SJ2-023 Shield & Sword みぎたてひだりけん Common Normal Spell Card
SJ2-024 Question クイズ Common Normal Spell Card
SJ2-025 Reinforcement of the Army ぞうえん Common Normal Spell Card
SJ2-026 Mystical Space Typhoon サイクロン Common Quick-Play Spell Card
SJ2-027 Premature Burial はやすぎたまいそう Common Equip Spell Card
SJ2-028 Scapegoat スケープ・ゴート Common Quick-Play Spell Card
SJ2-029 Foolish Burial おろかなまいそう Ultra Rare Normal Spell Card
SJ2-030 Skull Dice あくのサイコロ Common Normal Trap Card
SJ2-031 Backup Soldier じゅうよういん Common Normal Trap Card
SJ2-032 Interdimensional Matter Transporter くうかんぶっしつてんそうそう Common Normal Trap Card
SJ2-033 Fairy Box モンスターBOXボックス Common Continuous Trap Card
SJ2-034 Magical Arm Shield マジックアーム・シールド Common Normal Trap Card
SJ2-035 Ultimate Offering だいしょう Common Continuous Trap Card
SJ2-036 Kunai with Chain くさりきブーメラン Common Normal Trap Card
SJ2-037 Blast with Chain くさり爆弾ダイナマイト Common Normal Trap Card
SJ2-038 Bottomless Trap Hole らくとしあな Common Normal Trap Card
SJ2-039 Gamble ギャンブル Common Normal Trap Card
SJ2-040 Graverobber はからし Common Normal Trap Card
SJ2-041 Acrobat Monkey アクロバットモンキー Common Normal Monster
SJ2-042 Armored Lizard 鎧蜥蜴アーマー・リザード Common Normal Monster
SJ2-043 Kojikocy Common Normal Monster
SJ2-044 Dice Jar ダイス・ポット Common Flip monster
SJ2-045 Wall of Illusion げんえいかべ Common Effect Monster
SJ2-046 Dian Keto the Cure Master りょうかみ ディアン・ケト Common Normal Spell Card
SJ2-047 Bait Doll おとりにんぎょう Common Normal Spell Card
SJ2-048 Second Coin Toss セカンド・チャンス Common Continuous Spell Card
SJ2-049 Banner of Courage ゆうはたじるし Common Continuous Spell Card
SJ2-050 Heart of the Underdog ぼんこつ Common Continuous Spell Card
SJ2-051 Nutrient Z たいりょくぞうきょうざいスーパーZ Common Normal Trap Card
SJ2-052 Needle Wall ニードル・ウォール Common Continuous Trap Card
SJ2-053 Blind Destruction べつかい Common Continuous Trap Card
SJ2-054 Jar of Greed ごうよくかめ Common Normal Trap Card
SJ2-055 Dice Re-Roll リバースダイス Common Normal Trap Card

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