Structure Deck: Dragon's Roar is a Structure Deck in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Official Card Game (OCG) and Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game (TCG). It is the first deck in the OCG's Structure Deck series (ninth including the Character Structure Decks), following Structure Deck: Marik. In the TCG, it is the first deck.

In the korean OCG, Structure Deck: Dragon's Roar was also released on December 15, 2005 with Structure Deck: Zombie Madness as Structure Deck: Special Set.

Ferocious Dragons and ravaging Zombies clash in these two new Structure Decks. The Structure Decks are tournament tough, ready to play with out of the box with powerful hard to find cards. Each Deck contains 40 cards, including one brand new Ultra Rare monster, rulebook, and Dueling guide which assists a Duelist in taking his game to the next level.

— Upper Deck Entertainment


The Deck features Dragon-Type monsters, with feature cards used by Nightshroud, Atticus Rhodes & Chazz Princeton and also including "Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon", "Creature Swap", and "Armed Dragon LV5".

The "Let's Power Up This Deck! (With Booster Packs)" supplement suggests combining this Deck with "Buster Blader" from Dark Beginning 1, "Judgement of Anubis" from Dark Revelation Volume 1; "Inferno Fire Blast", "Armed Dragon LV7", and "Level Up!" from Soul of the Duelist; and "Covering Fire", "Mirage Dragon", "Mystic Swordsman LV6" and "Monster Reincarnation" from Rise of Destiny ("Armed Dragon LV7" is also available as a promotional card in Structure Deck: Deluxe Edition). "Horus the Black Flame Dragon" is shown, but not described.


Each Structure Deck: Dragon's Roar contains:



Card number Name Rarity Category Qty
SD1-EN001 Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon Ultra Rare Effect Monster1
SD1-EN002 Red-Eyes B. Dragon Common Normal Monster1
SD1-EN003 Luster Dragon Common Normal Monster2
SD1-EN004 Twin-Headed Behemoth Common Effect Monster1
SD1-EN005 Armed Dragon LV3 Common Effect Monster2
SD1-EN006 Armed Dragon LV5 Common Effect Monster2
SD1-EN007 Black Dragon's Chick Common Effect Monster1
SD1-EN008 Element Dragon Common Effect Monster1
SD1-EN009 Masked Dragon Common Effect Monster3
SD1-EN010 Snatch Steal Common Equip Spell Card1
SD1-EN011 Mystical Space Typhoon Common Quick-Play Spell Card1
SD1-EN012 Nobleman of Crossout Common Normal Spell Card2
SD1-EN013 Premature Burial Common Equip Spell Card1
SD1-EN014 Swords of Revealing Light Common Normal Spell Card1
SD1-EN015 Pot of Greed Common Normal Spell Card1
SD1-EN016 Heavy Storm Common Normal Spell Card1
SD1-EN017 Stamping Destruction Common Normal Spell Card3
SD1-EN018 Creature Swap Common Normal Spell Card2
SD1-EN019 Reload Common Quick-Play Spell Card2
SD1-EN020 The Graveyard in the Fourth Dimension Common Normal Spell Card1
SD1-EN021 Call of the Haunted Common Continuous Trap Card1
SD1-EN022 Ceasefire Common Normal Trap Card1
SD1-EN023 The Dragon's Bead Common Continuous Trap Card1
SD1-EN024 Dragon's Rage Common Continuous Trap Card2
SD1-EN025 Reckless Greed Common Normal Trap Card1
SD1-EN026 Interdimensional Matter Transporter Common [[]]2
SD1-EN027 Trap Jammer Common Counter Trap Card1
SD1-EN028 Curse of Anubis Common Normal Trap Card1

Card number English name French name Rarity Category Qty
SD1-FR001 Red-Eyes Darkness DragonDragon des Ténèbres aux Yeux Rouges Ultra Rare Effect Monster1
SD1-FR002 Red-Eyes B. DragonDragon Noir aux Yeux Rouges Common Normal Monster1
SD1-FR003 Luster DragonDragon Étincelant Common Normal Monster2
SD1-FR004 Twin-Headed BehemothBéhémoth à Deux Têtes Common Effect Monster1
SD1-FR005 Armed Dragon LV3Dragon Armé LV3 Common Effect Monster2
SD1-FR006 Armed Dragon LV5Dragon Armé LV5 Common Effect Monster2
SD1-FR007 Black Dragon's ChickPoussin Dragon Noir Common Effect Monster1
SD1-FR008 Element DragonDragon Élémentaire Common Effect Monster1
SD1-FR009 Masked DragonDragon Masqué Common Effect Monster3
SD1-FR010 Snatch StealVol à l'Arraché Common Equip Spell Card1
SD1-FR011 Mystical Space TyphoonTyphon d'Espace Mystique Common Quick-Play Spell Card1
SD1-FR012 Nobleman of CrossoutSeigneur de la Suppression Common Normal Spell Card2
SD1-FR013 Premature BurialEnterrement Prématuré Common Equip Spell Card1
SD1-FR014 Swords of Revealing LightÉpées de Révélation de la Lumière Common Normal Spell Card1
SD1-FR015 Pot of GreedPot de Cupidité Common Normal Spell Card1
SD1-FR016 Heavy StormViolent Orage Common Normal Spell Card1
SD1-FR017 Stamping DestructionÉcrasement Destructeur Common Normal Spell Card3
SD1-FR018 Creature SwapPermutation de Créature Common Normal Spell Card2
SD1-FR019 ReloadRecharge Common Quick-Play Spell Card2
SD1-FR020 The Graveyard in the Fourth DimensionLe Cimetière de la Quatrième Dimension Common Normal Spell Card1
SD1-FR021 Call of the HauntedAppel de l'Être Hanté Common Continuous Trap Card1
SD1-FR022 CeasefireCessez-le-Feu Common Normal Trap Card1
SD1-FR023 The Dragon's BeadLa Pierre du Dragon Common Continuous Trap Card1
SD1-FR024 Dragon's RageLa Colère du Dragon Common Continuous Trap Card2
SD1-FR025 Reckless GreedAvidité Téméraire Common Normal Trap Card1
SD1-FR026 Interdimensional Matter Transporter Common [[]]2
SD1-FR027 Trap JammerBrouilleur de Piège Common Counter Trap Card1
SD1-FR028 Curse of AnubisMalédiction d'Anubis Common Normal Trap Card1

Card number English name German name Rarity Category Qty
SD1-DE001 Red-Eyes Darkness DragonRotäugiger Finsterer Drache Ultra Rare Effect Monster1
SD1-DE002 Red-Eyes B. DragonRotäugiger schwarzer Drache Common Normal Monster1
SD1-DE003 Luster DragonSchimmerdrache Common Normal Monster2
SD1-DE004 Twin-Headed BehemothZweiköpfiger Behemoth Common Effect Monster1
SD1-DE005 Armed Dragon LV3Bewaffneter Drache LV3 Common Effect Monster2
SD1-DE006 Armed Dragon LV5Bewaffneter Drache LV5 Common Effect Monster2
SD1-DE007 Black Dragon's ChickSchwarzes Drachenküken Common Effect Monster1
SD1-DE008 Element DragonElementardrache Common Effect Monster1
SD1-DE009 Masked DragonMaskierter Drache Common Effect Monster3
SD1-DE010 Snatch StealSchnappstahl Common Equip Spell Card1
SD1-DE011 Mystical Space TyphoonMystischer Raum-Taifun Common Quick-Play Spell Card1
SD1-DE012 Nobleman of CrossoutAdliger der Auslöschung Common Normal Spell Card2
SD1-DE013 Premature BurialVoreiliges Begräbnis Common Equip Spell Card1
SD1-DE014 Swords of Revealing LightVerräterische Schwerter Common Normal Spell Card1
SD1-DE015 Pot of GreedTopf der Gier Common Normal Spell Card1
SD1-DE016 Heavy StormSchwerer Sturm Common Normal Spell Card1
SD1-DE017 Stamping DestructionStampfende Zerstörung Common Normal Spell Card3
SD1-DE018 Creature SwapKreaturentausch Common Normal Spell Card2
SD1-DE019 ReloadNachladen Common Quick-Play Spell Card2
SD1-DE020 The Graveyard in the Fourth DimensionFriedhof in der Vierten Dimension Common Normal Spell Card1
SD1-DE021 Call of the HauntedRuf der Gejagten Common Continuous Trap Card1
SD1-DE022 CeasefireWaffenstillstand Common Normal Trap Card1
SD1-DE023 The Dragon's BeadPerle des Drachen Common Continuous Trap Card1
SD1-DE024 Dragon's RageDrachenzorn Common Continuous Trap Card2
SD1-DE025 Reckless GreedTollkühne Gier Common Normal Trap Card1
SD1-DE026 Interdimensional Matter Transporter Common [[]]2
SD1-DE027 Trap JammerFallenfalle Common Counter Trap Card1
SD1-DE028 Curse of AnubisFluch des Anubis Common Normal Trap Card1

Card number English name Italian name Rarity Category Qty
SD1-IT001 Red-Eyes Darkness DragonDrago Oscuro Occhi Rossi Ultra Rare Effect Monster1
SD1-IT002 Red-Eyes B. DragonDrago Nero Occhi Rossi Common Normal Monster1
SD1-IT003 Luster DragonDrago Avido Common Normal Monster2
SD1-IT004 Twin-Headed BehemothBehemoth Bifronte Common Effect Monster1
SD1-IT005 Armed Dragon LV3Drago Armato LV3 Common Effect Monster2
SD1-IT006 Armed Dragon LV5Drago Armato LV5 Common Effect Monster2
SD1-IT007 Black Dragon's ChickCucciolo di Occhi-Rossi Common Effect Monster1
SD1-IT008 Element DragonDrago Elementale Common Effect Monster1
SD1-IT009 Masked DragonDrago Mascherato Common Effect Monster3
SD1-IT010 Snatch StealStrappa Possesso Common Equip Spell Card1
SD1-IT011 Mystical Space TyphoonTifone Spaziale Mistico Common Quick-Play Spell Card1
SD1-IT012 Nobleman of CrossoutNobiluomo dello Scambio Common Normal Spell Card2
SD1-IT013 Premature BurialSepoltura Prematura Common Equip Spell Card1
SD1-IT014 Swords of Revealing LightSpada Rivelatrice Common Normal Spell Card1
SD1-IT015 Pot of GreedAnfora dell'Avidità Common Normal Spell Card1
SD1-IT016 Heavy StormTempesta Potente Common Normal Spell Card1
SD1-IT017 Stamping DestructionDistruzione Schiacciante Common Normal Spell Card3
SD1-IT018 Creature SwapScambio-Creature Common Normal Spell Card2
SD1-IT019 ReloadRicarica Common Quick-Play Spell Card2
SD1-IT020 The Graveyard in the Fourth DimensionIl Cimitero nella Quarta Dimensione Common Normal Spell Card1
SD1-IT021 Call of the HauntedRichiamo del Posseduto Common Continuous Trap Card1
SD1-IT022 CeasefireCessate il Fuoco Common Normal Trap Card1
SD1-IT023 The Dragon's BeadLa Perla di Drago Common Continuous Trap Card1
SD1-IT024 Dragon's RageRabbia del Drago Common Continuous Trap Card2
SD1-IT025 Reckless GreedCupidigia Insaziabile Common Normal Trap Card1
SD1-IT026 Interdimensional Matter Transporter Common [[]]2
SD1-IT027 Trap JammerDisturba Trappola Common Counter Trap Card1
SD1-IT028 Curse of AnubisMaledizione di Anubis Common Normal Trap Card1

Card number English name Portuguese name Rarity Category Qty
SD1-PT001 Red-Eyes Darkness DragonDragão das Trevas de Olhos Vermelhos Ultra Rare Effect Monster1
SD1-PT002 Red-Eyes B. DragonDragão Negro de Olhos Vermelhos Common Normal Monster1
SD1-PT003 Luster DragonDragão do Brilho Common Normal Monster2
SD1-PT004 Twin-Headed BehemothBehemoth de Duas Cabeças Common Effect Monster1
SD1-PT005 Armed Dragon LV3Dragão Armado LV3 Common Effect Monster2
SD1-PT006 Armed Dragon LV5Dragão Armado LV5 Common Effect Monster2
SD1-PT007 Black Dragon's ChickFilhote do Dragão Negro Common Effect Monster1
SD1-PT008 Element DragonDragão do Elemento Common Effect Monster1
SD1-PT009 Masked DragonDragão Mascarado Common Effect Monster3
SD1-PT010 Snatch StealRoubo Precipitado Common Equip Spell Card1
SD1-PT011 Mystical Space TyphoonTufão Espacial Místico Common Quick-Play Spell Card1
SD1-PT012 Nobleman of CrossoutO Nobre de Crossout Common Normal Spell Card2
SD1-PT013 Premature BurialEnterro Precoce Common Equip Spell Card1
SD1-PT014 Swords of Revealing LightEspadas da Luz Reveladora Common Normal Spell Card1
SD1-PT015 Pot of GreedPote da Ganância Common Normal Spell Card1
SD1-PT016 Heavy StormTempestade Pesada Common Normal Spell Card1
SD1-PT017 Stamping DestructionDestruição com os Pés Common Normal Spell Card3
SD1-PT018 Creature SwapTroca de Criaturas Common Normal Spell Card2
SD1-PT019 ReloadRecarregar Common Quick-Play Spell Card2
SD1-PT020 The Graveyard in the Fourth DimensionO Cemitério na Quarta Dimensão Common Normal Spell Card1
SD1-PT021 Call of the HauntedChamado dos Assombrados Common Continuous Trap Card1
SD1-PT022 CeasefireCessar-Fogo Common Normal Trap Card1
SD1-PT023 The Dragon's BeadA Pedra do Dragão Common Continuous Trap Card1
SD1-PT024 Dragon's RageIra do Dragão Common Continuous Trap Card2
SD1-PT025 Reckless GreedGanância Descuidada Common Normal Trap Card1
SD1-PT026 Interdimensional Matter Transporter Common [[]]2
SD1-PT027 Trap JammerBloqueador de Armadilhas Common Counter Trap Card1
SD1-PT028 Curse of AnubisMaldição de Anúbis Common Normal Trap Card1

Card number English name Spanish name Rarity Category Qty
SD1-SP001 Red-Eyes Darkness DragonDragón de Oscuridad de Ojos Rojos Ultra Rare Effect Monster1
SD1-SP002 Red-Eyes B. DragonDragón Negro de Ojos Rojos Common Normal Monster1
SD1-SP003 Luster DragonDragón del Brillo Common Normal Monster2
SD1-SP004 Twin-Headed BehemothBehemoth de Dos Cabezas Common Effect Monster1
SD1-SP005 Armed Dragon LV3Dragón Armado LV3 Common Effect Monster2
SD1-SP006 Armed Dragon LV5Dragón Armado LV5 Common Effect Monster2
SD1-SP007 Black Dragon's ChickCría de Dragón Negro Common Effect Monster1
SD1-SP008 Element DragonDragón Elemental Common Effect Monster1
SD1-SP009 Masked DragonDragón Enmascarado Common Effect Monster3
SD1-SP010 Snatch StealRobo Oportunista Common Equip Spell Card1
SD1-SP011 Mystical Space TyphoonTifón del Espacio Místico Common Quick-Play Spell Card1
SD1-SP012 Nobleman of CrossoutNoble de Crossout Common Normal Spell Card2
SD1-SP013 Premature BurialEntierro Prematuro Common Equip Spell Card1
SD1-SP014 Swords of Revealing LightEspadas de la Luz Reveladora Common Normal Spell Card1
SD1-SP015 Pot of GreedOlla de la Codicia Common Normal Spell Card1
SD1-SP016 Heavy StormTormenta Fuerte Common Normal Spell Card1
SD1-SP017 Stamping DestructionDestrucción Aplastante Common Normal Spell Card3
SD1-SP018 Creature SwapIntercambio de Criatura Common Normal Spell Card2
SD1-SP019 ReloadRecarga Common Quick-Play Spell Card2
SD1-SP020 The Graveyard in the Fourth DimensionEl Cementerio en la Cuarta Dimensión Common Normal Spell Card1
SD1-SP021 Call of the HauntedLlamada de los Condenados Common Continuous Trap Card1
SD1-SP022 CeasefireTregua Common Normal Trap Card1
SD1-SP023 The Dragon's BeadLa Cuenta del Dragón Common Continuous Trap Card1
SD1-SP024 Dragon's RageLa Furia del Dragón Common Continuous Trap Card2
SD1-SP025 Reckless GreedCodicia Imprudente Common Normal Trap Card1
SD1-SP026 Interdimensional Matter Transporter Common [[]]2
SD1-SP027 Trap JammerDisruptor de Trampa Common Counter Trap Card1
SD1-SP028 Curse of AnubisMaldición de Anubis Common Normal Trap Card1

Card number English name Japanese name Rarity Category Qty
SD1-JP001 Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon真紅眼の闇竜レッドアイズ・ダークネスドラゴン Ultra Rare Effect Monster1
SD1-JP002 Red-Eyes B. Dragon真紅眼の黒竜レッドアイズ・ブラックドラゴン Common Normal Monster1
SD1-JP003 Luster Dragonサファイアドラゴン Common Normal Monster2
SD1-JP004 Twin-Headed Behemothドル・ドラ Common Effect Monster1
SD1-JP005 Armed Dragon LV3アームド・ドラゴン LVレベル Common Effect Monster2
SD1-JP006 Armed Dragon LV5アームド・ドラゴン LVレベル Common Effect Monster2
SD1-JP007 Black Dragon's Chickこくりゅうひな Common Effect Monster1
SD1-JP008 Element Dragonエレメント・ドラゴン Common Effect Monster1
SD1-JP009 Masked Dragon仮面竜マスクド・ドラゴン Common Effect Monster3
SD1-JP010 Snatch Stealごうだつ Common Equip Spell Card1
SD1-JP011 Mystical Space Typhoonサイクロン Common Quick-Play Spell Card1
SD1-JP012 Nobleman of Crossoutまっさつ使 Common Normal Spell Card2
SD1-JP013 Premature Burialはやすぎたまいそう Common Equip Spell Card1
SD1-JP014 Swords of Revealing Lightひかりふうけん Common Normal Spell Card1
SD1-JP015 Pot of Greedごうよくつぼ Common Normal Spell Card1
SD1-JP016 Heavy Stormおおあらし Common Normal Spell Card1
SD1-JP017 Stamping Destructionスタンピング・クラッシュ Common Normal Spell Card3
SD1-JP018 Creature Swapきょうせいてん Common Normal Spell Card2
SD1-JP019 Reloadリロード Common Quick-Play Spell Card2
SD1-JP020 The Graveyard in the Fourth Dimensionげんはか Common Normal Spell Card1
SD1-JP021 Call of the Hauntedリビングデッドのごえ Common Continuous Trap Card1
SD1-JP022 Ceasefireていせんきょうてい Common Normal Trap Card1
SD1-JP023 The Dragon's Beadドラゴンのほうじゅ Common Continuous Trap Card1
SD1-JP024 Dragon's Rageりゅうげきりん Common Continuous Trap Card2
SD1-JP025 Reckless Greedぼうよく Common Normal Trap Card1
SD1-JP026 Interdimensional Matter Transporter Common [[]]2
SD1-JP027 Trap Jammerトラップ・ジャマー Common Counter Trap Card1
SD1-JP028 Curse of Anubisアヌビスののろ Common Normal Trap Card1

Card number English name Korean name Rarity Category Qty
SD1-KR001 Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon붉은 눈의 암룡 Ultra Rare Effect Monster1
SD1-KR002 Red-Eyes B. Dragon붉은 눈의 흑룡 Common Normal Monster1
SD1-KR003 Luster Dragon사파이어 드래곤 Common Normal Monster2
SD1-KR004 Twin-Headed Behemoth돌도라 Common Effect Monster1
SD1-KR005 Armed Dragon LV3암드 드래곤 LV3 Common Effect Monster2
SD1-KR006 Armed Dragon LV5암드 드래곤 LV5 Common Effect Monster2
SD1-KR007 Black Dragon's Chick아기 흑룡 Common Effect Monster1
SD1-KR008 Element Dragon엘리멘틀 드래곤 Common Effect Monster1
SD1-KR009 Masked Dragon가면룡 Common Effect Monster3
SD1-KR010 Snatch Steal강탈 Common Equip Spell Card1
SD1-KR011 Mystical Space Typhoon싸이크론 Common Quick-Play Spell Card1
SD1-KR012 Nobleman of Crossout말살의사도 Common Normal Spell Card2
SD1-KR013 Premature Burial성급한 매장 Common Equip Spell Card1
SD1-KR014 Swords of Revealing Light빛의 봉인검 Common Normal Spell Card1
SD1-KR015 Pot of Greed욕망의 항아리 Common Normal Spell Card1
SD1-KR016 Heavy Storm태풍 Common Normal Spell Card1
SD1-KR017 Stamping Destruction Common Normal Spell Card3
SD1-KR018 Creature Swap강제전이 Common Normal Spell Card2
SD1-KR019 Reload리로드 Common Quick-Play Spell Card2
SD1-KR020 The Graveyard in the Fourth Dimension사차원의 묘 Common Normal Spell Card1
SD1-KR021 Call of the Haunted리 빙 데드가 부르는 소리 Common Continuous Trap Card1
SD1-KR022 Ceasefire정전 협정 Common Normal Trap Card1
SD1-KR023 The Dragon's Bead Common Continuous Trap Card1
SD1-KR024 Dragon's Rage Common Continuous Trap Card2
SD1-KR025 Reckless Greed무모한 욕심쟁이 Common Normal Trap Card1
SD1-KR026 Interdimensional Matter Transporter Common [[]]2
SD1-KR027 Trap Jammer트랩 재머 Common Counter Trap Card1
SD1-KR028 Curse of Anubis아누비스의 저주 Common Normal Trap Card1

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