Stripper technique

A Deck with three shaven cards being cut

The stripper (ストリッパー, sutorippā) technique is a card game cheating technique used by Arkana, in the manga and anime.

The technique involves trimming the edges of cards to make them slightly smaller than the other cards in a Deck. When the opponent cuts the Deck, they would inadvertently cut it at the point that one of the trimmed cards would land on top of a small stack, ensuring one of them ends up on top of the entire Deck. Naturally, this counts as physical damage to the cards.

Arkana used this technique before his Duel with Yami Yugi to ensure he got one of his "Dark Magician" cards in his opening hand. Yugi, however, saw through this tactic due to Arkana using the card-damaging "shotgun shuffle" and devised a counter, using "Card Destruction".


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