Stone Statue of the Aztecs
  • Japanese: アステカの石像
  • Romaji: Asuteka no Sekizō
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300 / 2000

It is said that in ancient times, tens of thousands of victims were offered up as tributes before this stone statue.

Other languages

Name Lore
French Statue de Pierre des Aztèques Tous les dommages de combat que votre adversaire reçoit lorsqu'il attaque ce monstre sont doublés.
German Steinstatue der Azteken Kampfschaden, den dein Gegner erhält, wenn er dieses Monster angreift, wird verdoppelt.
Italian Statua di Pietra degli Aztechi Ogni danno da combattimento che il tuo avversario riceve quando lui attacca questo mostro, viene raddoppiato.
Spanish Estatua de piedra de los Aztecas Cualquier daño de batalla que tu adversario reciba cuando ataque a este monstruo es doblado.

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