The Steel Knight Army is an army that protects the populace of the third alternate dimension from the Dark World Army in the Yu-Gi-Oh! GX anime.


The Steel Knight Army is led by Freed and also includes various other Warrior-Type Duel Monster spirits such as Rahz. Though they attempted to defeat the Dark World Army, they failed, with all of the Steel Knights being either captured or killed, besides Freed himself. This left Freed leading a small group of women, children and the elderly to an underground sanctuary.[1]

Rahz eventually escaped captivity, fighting off his pursuers with "Justi-Break". He reached the sanctuary, relaying the location of the prison to Freed before dying of his wounds.[1] This prompted Jaden Yuki to rush off to the prison, hoping to find Jesse Anderson. This tipped the Dark World Army off to the sanctuary's location, so Freed moved the civilians to another location before arriving to assist Jaden. He sacrificed himself to help Jaden defeat Zure.[2]


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