Each Starter Pack Volume 2 contains 60 cards in total. 5 cards per pack and 20 packs per box. The number of card of each rarity are as follows:



Set number English name Chinese name Rarity Category
SP02-TC001 Wattaildragon 電氣龍 Common Normal Monster
SP02-TC002 Neo Aqua Madoor 新水魔道士 Common Normal Monster
SP02-TC003 7 Colored Fish 彩虹魚 Common Normal Monster
SP02-TC004 Renge, Gatekeeper of Dark World 暗黑界之番兵 橙黃 Common Normal Monster
SP02-TC005 Lava Golem 熔岩魔神 岩漿石魔 Ultra Rare Effect Monster
SP02-TC006 Ultimate Tyranno 究極恐獸 Rare Effect Monster
SP02-TC007 Green Baboon, Defender of the Forest 森之番人 綠狒狒 Rare Effect Monster
SP02-TC008 Behemoth the King of All Animals 百獸王 貝希摩斯 Common Effect Monster
SP02-TC009 Majestic Mech - Ohka 光神機-櫻火 Common Effect Monster
SP02-TC010 Great Maju Garzett 偉大魔獸 巨變神 Common Effect Monster
SP02-TC011 Vice Dragon 惡龍 Rare Effect Monster
SP02-TC012 Botanical Lion 植物獅子 Common Effect Monster
SP02-TC013 Mist Valley Soldier 霞之谷戰士 Common Effect Tuner monster
SP02-TC014 Armageddon Knight 終末騎士 Common Effect Monster
SP02-TC015 Mystic Tomato 殺手番茄 Rare Effect Monster
SP02-TC016 Mother Grizzly 母灰熊 Rare Effect Monster
SP02-TC017 Submarineroid 潛艇機人 Common Effect Monster
SP02-TC018 Dragard 德拉戈拉德 Common Effect Monster
SP02-TC019 Dark Resonator 暗黑共鳴者 Common Effect Tuner monster
SP02-TC020 Des Koala 死亡樹熊 Common Flip monster
SP02-TC021 Necro Gardna 死靈守衛者 Rare Effect Monster
SP02-TC022 Crane Crane 起重鶴 Rare Effect Monster
SP02-TC023 Spirit Reaper 削魂死靈 Rare Effect Monster
SP02-TC024 Mask of Darkness 暗之假面 Common Flip monster
SP02-TC025 Reese the Ice Mistress 冰彈手 蕾絲 Common Effect Tuner monster
SP02-TC026 The Calculator 計算器人 Common Effect Monster
SP02-TC027 Copycat 模仿幻想師 Common Effect Monster
SP02-TC028 Battle Fader 消戰者 Rare Effect Monster
SP02-TC029 Number C39: Utopia Ray CNo.39 希望皇 霍普雷 Ultra Rare Effect Xyz Monster
SP02-TC030 Maestroke the Symphony Djinn 交响魔人 剑击指挥 Super Rare Effect Xyz Monster
SP02-TC031 Tiras, Keeper of Genesis 始祖守護者 提拉斯 Super Rare Effect Xyz Monster
SP02-TC032 Gauntlet Launcher 手甲射手 Rare Effect Xyz Monster
SP02-TC033 Armory Arm 武器手套 Super Rare Effect Synchro Monster
SP02-TC034 Flamvell Uruquizas 武器手套 Rare Effect Synchro Monster
SP02-TC035 Colossal Fighter 巨人鬥士 Super Rare Effect Synchro Monster
SP02-TC036 Mist Wurm 噴霞蟲 Super Rare Effect Synchro Monster
SP02-TC037 Dark Hole 黑洞 Ultra Rare Normal Spell Card
SP02-TC038 Pot of Avarice 貪欲之壺 Rare Normal Spell Card
SP02-TC039 Swords of Revealing Light 光之護封劍 Super Rare Normal Spell Card
SP02-TC040 Creature Swap 强制轉移 Common Normal Spell Card
SP02-TC041 Shield Crush 盾碎 Common Normal Spell Card
SP02-TC042 Upstart Goblin 格布林暴發戶 Common Normal Spell Card
SP02-TC043 Nobleman of Crossout 抹殺之使徒 Common Normal Spell Card
SP02-TC044 Forbidden Lance 被禁止的聖槍 Super Rare Quick-Play Spell Card
SP02-TC045 My Body as a Shield 我身作盾 Common Quick-Play Spell Card
SP02-TC046 Mausoleum of the Emperor 死皇帝之陵墓 Common Field Spell Card
SP02-TC047 Mage Power 魔導師之力 Common Equip Spell Card
SP02-TC048 Big Bang Shot 爆炎穿擊 Common Equip Spell Card
SP02-TC049 Level Limit - Area B 等級限制B地區 Common Continuous Spell Card
SP02-TC050 Mirror Force 神聖防護罩-反射鏡力- Ultra Rare Normal Trap Card
SP02-TC051 Compulsory Evacuation Device 強制脫出裝置 Super Rare Normal Trap Card
SP02-TC052 Damage Gate 傷害之門 Common Normal Trap Card
SP02-TC053 Generation Shift 世代交替 Common Normal Trap Card
SP02-TC054 Threatening Roar 威嚇咆哮 Rare Normal Trap Card
SP02-TC055 Just Desserts 自作自受 Common Normal Trap Card
SP02-TC056 Defense Draw 護衛防壁 Common Normal Trap Card
SP02-TC057 Gravity Bind 超重力網 Common Continuous Trap Card
SP02-TC058 Black Horn of Heaven 升天之黑角笛 Common Counter Trap Card
SP02-TC059 Magic Drain 魔力抽取 Rare Counter Trap Card
SP02-TC060 Drastic Drop Off 強烈的打落 Common Counter Trap Card

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