Each Starter Pack Volume 1 contains 60 cards in total. 5 cards per pack and 20 packs per box. The number of card of each rarity are as follows:



Set number English name Chinese name Rarity Category
SP01-TC001 Summoned Skull 惡魔召喚 Ultra Rare Normal Monster
SP01-TC002 Gogiga Gagagigo 巨吉咖‧咖咖吉哥 Common Normal Monster
SP01-TC003 Hyozanryu 鑽石龍 Rare Normal Monster
SP01-TC004 Blazing Inpachi 火炎木人18 Common Normal Monster
SP01-TC005 Tune Warrior 調整戰士 Common Normal Tuner monster
SP01-TC006 Water Spirit 冰水精靈 Common Normal Tuner monster
SP01-TC007 Swift Gaia the Fierce Knight 疾風之暗黑騎士 蓋亞 Super Rare Effect Monster
SP01-TC008 Black Tyranno 暗黑恐獸 Rare Effect Monster
SP01-TC009 Jinzo 人造人 — 念力震懾者 — Super Rare Effect Monster
SP01-TC010 Kaiser Glider 帝王滑翔機 Super Rare Effect Monster
SP01-TC011 Luminous Soldier 太陽戰士 Common Effect Monster
SP01-TC012 Airknight Parshath 天空騎士 柏修斯 Rare Effect Monster
SP01-TC013 Goblin Attack Force 格布林突擊部隊 Rare Effect Monster
SP01-TC014 Spear Dragon 長槍龍 Common Effect Monster
SP01-TC015 Rose, Warrior of Revenge 復仇的女戰士 蘿絲 Common Effect Tuner monster
SP01-TC016 Giant Rat 巨大老鼠 Rare Effect Monster
SP01-TC017 Exiled Force 無賴者傭兵部隊 Rare Effect Monster
SP01-TC018 Jar Turtle 瓶龜 Common Effect Monster
SP01-TC019 Hayabusa Knight 隼騎士 Common Effect Monster
SP01-TC020 Mine Golem 地雷石魔 Common Effect Monster
SP01-TC021 4-Starred Ladybug of Doom 死亡四星瓢蟲 Common Flip monster
SP01-TC022 Herald of Orange Light 朱光宣告者 Rare Effect Tuner monster
SP01-TC023 Old Vindictive Magician 執著的老魔術師 Common Flip monster
SP01-TC024 Giant Germ 巨型病毒 Common Effect Monster
SP01-TC025 Nimble Momonga 迅捷飛鼠 Common Effect Monster
SP01-TC026 Penguin Soldier 企鵝戰士 Rare Flip monster
SP01-TC027 The Unhappy Maiden 薄幸的美少女 Common Effect Monster
SP01-TC028 Mystic Lamp 魔法神燈 Common Effect Monster
SP01-TC029 Wind-Up Arsenal Zenmaioh 發條裝攻發條王 Ultra Rare Effect Xyz Monster
SP01-TC030 Grenosaurus 紅蓮恐龍 Rare Effect Xyz Monster
SP01-TC031 Gaia Knight, the Force of Earth 大地騎士 蓋亞騎士 Super Rare Synchro Monster
SP01-TC032 Magical Android 魔力人造人 Rare Effect Synchro Monster
SP01-TC033 Heavy Storm 大嵐 Ultra Rare Normal Spell Card
SP01-TC034 Lightning Vortex 閃電漩渦 Super Rare Normal Spell Card
SP01-TC035 Monster Reincarnation 死者轉生 Common Normal Spell Card
SP01-TC036 Ancient Rules 遠古規則 Common Normal Spell Card
SP01-TC037 Swing of Memories 回憶的鞦韆 Common Normal Spell Card
SP01-TC038 Book of Moon 月之書 Super Rare Quick-Play Spell Card
SP01-TC039 Rush Recklessly 突進 Common Quick-Play Spell Card
SP01-TC040 Emergency Provisions 應急食品 Common Quick-Play Spell Card
SP01-TC041 United We Stand 團結之力 Rare Equip Spell Card
SP01-TC042 Malevolent Nuzzler 惡魔之吻 Common Equip Spell Card
SP01-TC043 Gaia Power 蓋亞力量 Common Field Spell Card
SP01-TC044 Luminous Spark 光芒衝擊 Common Field Spell Card
SP01-TC045 Solidarity 一族的團結 Rare Continuous Spell Card
SP01-TC046 The A. Forces 連合軍 Common Continuous Spell Card
SP01-TC047 Torrential Tribute 激流葬 Ultra Rare Normal Trap Card
SP01-TC048 Bottomless Trap Hole 奈落深穴 Super Rare Normal Trap Card
SP01-TC049 Jar of Greed 強欲之瓶 Common Normal Trap Card
SP01-TC050 Needle Ceiling 尖刺吊頂 Common Normal Trap Card
SP01-TC051 Draining Shield 吸收屏障 Common Normal Trap Card
SP01-TC052 Justi-Break 正義雷擊 Common Normal Trap Card
SP01-TC053 Secret Barrel 內置式機槍 Common Normal Trap Card
SP01-TC054 Dark Coffin 詛咒之棺 Common Normal Trap Card
SP01-TC055 Birthright 正統的血統 Common Continuous Trap Card
SP01-TC056 Mask of Restrict 封印牲祭之假面 Common Continuous Trap Card
SP01-TC057 Ordeal of a Traveler 旅人的試煉 Common Continuous Trap Card
SP01-TC058 Negate Attack 攻擊無力化 Rare Counter Trap Card
SP01-TC059 Seven Tools of the Bandit 盜賊的七道具 Rare Counter Trap Card
SP01-TC060 Solemn Judgment 神之宣告 Super Rare Counter Trap Card

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