Starter Deck 2014 Enhancement Pack is a special Booster Pack for Starter Deck 2014. Each Starter Deck 2014 contains 1 Enhancement Pack.


Players can use the cards in the Enhancement Pack to power up their Starter Deck 2014.


Each Starter Deck 2014 contains 1 pack of Starter Deck 2014 Enhancement Pack. Each pack contains 5 cards. There are 8 cards in total. The number of card of each rarity are as follows:



Set number English name Japanese name Rarity Category
ST14-JPA01 Odd-Eyes Dragon オッドアイズ・ドラゴン Ultra Rare Effect Monster
ST14-JPA02 Des Volstgalph デス・ヴォルストガルフ Common Effect Monster
ST14-JPA03 Kuraz the Light Monarch こうていクライス Common Effect Monster
ST14-JPA04 Injection Fairy Lily ちゅうしゃてん使リリー Common Effect Monster
ST14-JPA05 Reinforcement of the Army ぞうえん Common Normal Spell Card
ST14-JPA06 Dark Hole ブラック・ホール Common Normal Spell Card
ST14-JPA07 Mirror Force せいなるバリア -ミラーフォース- Common Normal Trap Card
ST14-JPA08 Call of the Haunted リビングデッドのごえ Common Continuous Trap Card

Set number English name Korean name Rarity Category
ST14-KRA01 Odd-Eyes Dragon 오드아이즈 드래곤 Ultra Rare Effect Monster
ST14-KRA02 Des Volstgalph 데스 볼스트걸프 Common Effect Monster
ST14-KRA03 Kuraz the Light Monarch 빛의 제왕 크라이스 Common Effect Monster
ST14-KRA04 Injection Fairy Lily 주사천사 리리 Common Effect Monster
ST14-KRA05 Reinforcement of the Army 증원 Common Normal Spell Card
ST14-KRA06 Dark Hole 블랙홀 Common Normal Spell Card
ST14-KRA07 Mirror Force 성스러운 방어막 거울의 힘 Common Normal Trap Card
ST14-KRA08 Call of the Haunted 리 빙 데드가 부르는 소리 Common Continuous Trap Card

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