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Starter Deck 2013
Kanji and furigana

STARTER DECKスターターデッキ 2013




スターターデッキ 2013


Sutātā Dekki Nisenjūsan


STARTER DECK스타터 덱 2013

Base text



스타터 덱 2013

Revised Romanization

Seutateo Dek 2013

Set information


  • ST13-JP (jp)
  • ST13-KR (kr)
Number of cards


Cover card
Yugioh-Card database ID
Release dates
  • March 16, 2013
  • July 5, 2013


Starter Deck 2013 is a Starter Deck in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Official Card Game (OCG). It is the eighth deck in the OCG's annual Starter Deck series, following Starter Deck 2012. The TCG equivalent of this deck is Super Starter: V for Victory.


  • Includes a total of 5 new cards
  • Includes new Xyz Monster from the anime unreleased in the OCG
  • Includes cards that work together with the latest anime expansions
  • Includes 2 Packs to power up the Starter Deck


Each Starter Deck 2013 contains 42 cards in total. The number of card of each rarity are as follows:



Set number English name Japanese name Rarity Category
ST13-JP001 Cosmo Queen コスモクイーン Common Normal Monster
ST13-JP002 Trance the Magic Swordsman ほうけんトランス Common Normal Monster
ST13-JP003 Neo the Magic Swordsman Common Normal Monster
ST13-JP004 Mystical Elf Common Normal Monster
ST13-JP005 Chamberlain of the Six Samurai ろくしゅうじゅう Common Normal Monster
ST13-JP006 Gagaga Child ガガガキッド Common Effect Monster
ST13-JP007 Magical Undertaker マジカル・アンダーテイカー Common Flip monster
ST13-JP008 Caligo Claw Crow クロクロークロウ Common Effect Monster
ST13-JP009 Gagaga Magician Common Effect Monster
ST13-JP010 Gagaga Girl ガガガガール Common Effect Monster
ST13-JP011 Gagaga Gardna ガガガガードナー Common Effect Monster
ST13-JP012 Zubaba Knight Common Effect Monster
ST13-JP013 Ganbara Knight ガンバラナイト Common Effect Monster
ST13-JP014 Achacha Archer アチャチャアーチャー Common Effect Monster
ST13-JP015 Goblindbergh ゴブリンドバーグ Common Effect Monster
ST13-JP016 Kagetokage カゲトカゲ Common Effect Monster
ST13-JP017 Tasuke Knight タスケナイト Common Effect Monster
ST13-JP018 ZW - Unicorn Spear ZWゼアル・ウェポン一角獣皇槍ユニコーン・キング・スピア Common Effect Monster
ST13-JP019 Marauding Captain Common Effect Monster
ST13-JP020 Old Vindictive Magician しゅうねんぶかろうじゅつ Common Flip monster
ST13-JP021 Swords of Burning Light ほのおふうけん Common Continuous Spell Card
ST13-JP022 Blustering Winds てんこうかぜ Common Normal Spell Card
ST13-JP023 Wonder Wand Common Equip Spell Card
ST13-JP024 Double or Nothing! ダブル・アップ・チャンス Common Quick-Play Spell Card
ST13-JP025 Ego Boost きょえいきょえい Common Quick-Play Spell Card
ST13-JP026 Gagagarevenge ガガガリベンジ Common Equip Spell Card
ST13-JP027 Xyz Unit エクシーズ・ユニット Common Equip Spell Card
ST13-JP028 The A. Forces れんごうぐん Common Continuous Spell Card
ST13-JP029 Reinforcement of the Army ぞうえん Common Normal Spell Card
ST13-JP030 The Warrior Returning Alive Common Normal Spell Card
ST13-JP031 Puzzle Reborn リボーン・パズル Common Normal Trap Card
ST13-JP032 Gagagashield ガガガシールド Common Normal Trap Card
ST13-JP033 Copy Knight コピー・ナイト Common Continuous Trap Card
ST13-JP034 Impenetrable Attack こうげきてき Common Normal Trap Card
ST13-JP035 Utopian Aura おうどう Common Normal Trap Card
ST13-JP036 Xyz Effect エクシーズエフェクト Common Normal Trap Card
ST13-JP037 Shadow Spell やみじゅばく Common Continuous Trap Card
ST13-JP038 Dust Tornado じんおおたつまき Common Normal Trap Card
ST13-JP039 Call of the Haunted リビングデッドのごえ Common Continuous Trap Card
ST13-JP040 Dark Bribe きゅうわい Common Counter Trap Card
ST13-JP041 Number 39: Utopia No.ナンバーズ39 ぼうおうホープ Rare Effect Xyz Monster
ST13-JP042 Number C39: Utopia Ray カオスNo.ナンバーズ39 ぼうおうホープレイ Super Rare Effect Xyz Monster

Set number English name Korean name Rarity Category
ST13-KR001 Cosmo Queen 코스모 퀸 Common Normal Monster
ST13-KR002 Trance the Magic Swordsman Common Normal Monster
ST13-KR003 Neo the Magic Swordsman Common Normal Monster
ST13-KR004 Mystical Elf Common Normal Monster
ST13-KR005 Chamberlain of the Six Samurai 여섯무사의시종 Common Normal Monster
ST13-KR006 Gagaga Child 가가가 키드 Common Effect Monster
ST13-KR007 Magical Undertaker 매지컬 언더테이커 Common Flip monster
ST13-KR008 Caligo Claw Crow 쿠로클로크로우 Common Effect Monster
ST13-KR009 Gagaga Magician Common Effect Monster
ST13-KR010 Gagaga Girl 가가가 걸 Common Effect Monster
ST13-KR011 Gagaga Gardna 가가가 가드나 Common Effect Monster
ST13-KR012 Zubaba Knight Common Effect Monster
ST13-KR013 Ganbara Knight 간바라 나이트 Common Effect Monster
ST13-KR014 Achacha Archer 아차차 아처 Common Effect Monster
ST13-KR015 Goblindbergh 고블린드버그 Common Effect Monster
ST13-KR016 Kagetokage 그림자 도마뱀 Common Effect Monster
ST13-KR017 Tasuke Knight 타스케 나이트 Common Effect Monster
ST13-KR018 ZW - Unicorn Spear ZW제알 웨폰-유니콘 킹 스피어 Common Effect Monster
ST13-KR019 Marauding Captain Common Effect Monster
ST13-KR020 Old Vindictive Magician 집념의 노마술사 Common Flip monster
ST13-KR021 Swords of Burning Light 화염의 봉인검 Common Continuous Spell Card
ST13-KR022 Blustering Winds 전대미문의 바람 Common Normal Spell Card
ST13-KR023 Wonder Wand Common Equip Spell Card
ST13-KR024 Double or Nothing! 더블 업 찬스 Common Quick-Play Spell Card
ST13-KR025 Ego Boost 허영거영 Common Quick-Play Spell Card
ST13-KR026 Gagagarevenge 가가가 리벤지 Common Equip Spell Card
ST13-KR027 Xyz Unit 엑시즈 유닛 Common Equip Spell Card
ST13-KR028 The A. Forces 연합군 Common Continuous Spell Card
ST13-KR029 Reinforcement of the Army 증원 Common Normal Spell Card
ST13-KR030 The Warrior Returning Alive Common Normal Spell Card
ST13-KR031 Puzzle Reborn 리본 퍼즐 Common Normal Trap Card
ST13-KR032 Gagagashield 가가가 실드 Common Normal Trap Card
ST13-KR033 Copy Knight 카피 나이트 Common Continuous Trap Card
ST13-KR034 Impenetrable Attack 공격 무적화 Common Normal Trap Card
ST13-KR035 Utopian Aura 유토피언 아우라 Common Normal Trap Card
ST13-KR036 Xyz Effect 엑시즈 이펙트 Common Normal Trap Card
ST13-KR037 Shadow Spell Common Continuous Trap Card
ST13-KR038 Dust Tornado 더스트 토네이도 Common Normal Trap Card
ST13-KR039 Call of the Haunted 리빙 데드가 부르는 소리 Common Continuous Trap Card
ST13-KR040 Dark Bribe 마궁의 뇌물 Common Counter Trap Card
ST13-KR041 Number 39: Utopia No.39 유토피아 Rare Effect Xyz Monster
ST13-KR042 Number C39: Utopia Ray C카오스No.넘버즈39 유토피아 레이 Super Rare Effect Xyz Monster


  • 遊戯王ゼアル OCG スターターデッキ [2013]

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