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Starter Deck 2009
Kanji and furigana

STARTER DECK(スターターデッキ) 2009




スターターデッキ 2009


Sutātā Dekki Nisenkyū


STARTER DECK(스타터 덱) 2009

Base text



스타터 덱 2009

Revised Romanization

Seutateo Deg 2009

Set information


  • YSD4-JP (ja)
  • YSD4-KR (ko)
Number of cards


Cover card
Yugioh-Card database ID
Release dates
  • March 14, 2009
  • October 21, 2009

Starter Deck 2009

Starter Deck 2009 is a Starter Deck in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Official Card Game (OCG). It is the fourth deck in the OCG's annual Starter Deck series, following Starter Deck 2008. The TCG equivalent of this deck is Starter Deck: Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's 2009.



Each Starter Deck 2009 contains 43 cards in total. The number of card of each rarity are as follows:



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STARTER DECK(スターターデッキ) 2009
(OCG - Japanese)
Set number English name Japanese name Rarity Card number Category
YSD4-JP001 Gogiga Gagagigo ゴギガ・ガガギゴ Common 39674352 Normal Monster
YSD4-JP002 Sabersaurus セイバーザウルス Common 37265642 Normal Monster
YSD4-JP003 Cyber-Tech Alligator サイバティック・ワイバーン Common 48766543 Normal Monster
YSD4-JP004 X-Saber Anu Piranha (エックス)-セイバー アナペレラ Common 23115241 Normal Monster
YSD4-JP005 The Dragon Dwelling in the Cave (どう)(くつ)(ひそ)(りゅう) Common 93346024 Normal Monster
YSD4-JP006 Road Synchron ロード・シンクロン Super Rare 71971554 Tuner monster
YSD4-JP007 Powered Tuner パワード・チューナー Super Rare 50621530 Effect Monster
YSD4-JP008 Goblin Attack Force ゴブリン(とつ)(げき)()(たい) Common 78658564 Effect Monster
YSD4-JP009 Penguin Soldier ペンギン・ソルジャー Common 93920745 Flip Effect Monster
YSD4-JP010 Sasuke Samurai (いっ)(とう)(りょう)(だん)(ざむらい) Common 16222645 Effect Monster
YSD4-JP011 Des Koala デス・コアラ Common 69579761 Flip Effect Monster
YSD4-JP012 Saber Beetle セイバー・ビートル Common 49645921 Effect Monster
YSD4-JP013 Quillbolt Hedgehog ボルト・ヘッジホッグ Common 23571046 Effect Monster
YSD4-JP014 Junk Synchron ジャンク・シンクロン Common 63977008 Tuner monster
YSD4-JP015 Speed Warrior スピード・ウォリアー Common 09365703 Effect Monster
YSD4-JP016 Skelengel スケルエンジェル Common 60694662 Flip Effect Monster
YSD4-JP017 Sonic Chick ロードランナー Common 36472900 Effect Monster
YSD4-JP018 Magna Drago 炎龍(マグナ・ドラゴ) Common 36750412 Tuner monster
YSD4-JP019 X-Saber Airbellum (エックス)-セイバー エアベルン Common 90508760 Tuner monster
YSD4-JP020 X-Saber Galahad (エックス)-セイバー ガラハド Common 50604950 Effect Monster
YSD4-JP021 Pride of the Weak (じゃく)(しゃ)()() Common 86016245 Continuous Spell Card
YSD4-JP022 Rush Recklessly (とっ)(しん) Common 70046172 Quick-Play Spell Card
YSD4-JP023 Giant Trunade ハリケーン Common 42703248 Normal Spell Card
YSD4-JP024 Tribute to the Doomed ()(しゃ)への()() Common 79759861 Normal Spell Card
YSD4-JP025 The Warrior Returning Alive (せん)()(せい)(かん) Common 95281259 Normal Spell Card
YSD4-JP026 Emergency Provisions ()(じょう)(しょく) Common 53046408 Quick-Play Spell Card
YSD4-JP027 Creature Swap (きょう)(せい)(てん)() Common 31036355 Normal Spell Card
YSD4-JP028 Twister ツイスター Common 45939841 Quick-Play Spell Card
YSD4-JP029 De-Synchro シンクロキャンセル Common 32441317 Normal Spell Card
YSD4-JP030 Unstable Evolution (しん)()する(じん)(るい) Common 62991886 Equip Spell Card
YSD4-JP031 Ookazi (ちゅう)()(おお)()() Common 19523799 Normal Spell Card
YSD4-JP032 Synchro Boost シンクロ・ヒーロー Common 98143165 Equip Spell Card
YSD4-JP033 Gottoms' Emergency Call ガトムズの(きん)(きゅう)()(しれい) Common 13504844 Normal Trap Card
YSD4-JP034 Dust Tornado ()(じん)(おお)(たつ)(まき) Common 60082869 Normal Trap Card
YSD4-JP035 Magic Drain マジック・ドレイン Common 59344077 Counter Trap Card
YSD4-JP036 Raigeki Break サンダー・ブレイク Common 04178474 Normal Trap Card
YSD4-JP037 Limit Reverse リミット・リバース Common 00027551 Continuous Trap Card
YSD4-JP038 Scrap-Iron Scarecrow くず(てつ)のかかし Common 98427577 Normal Trap Card
YSD4-JP039 Miniaturize ミニチュアライズ Common 34815282 Continuous Trap Card
YSD4-JP040 Widespread Ruin (ばん)(のう)()(らい)グレイモヤ Common 77754944 Normal Trap Card
YSD4-JP041 Road Warrior ロード・ウォリアー Ultra Rare 02322421 Synchro Monster
YSD4-JP042 Junk Warrior ジャンク・ウォリアー Common 60800381 Synchro Monster
YSD4-JP043 X-Saber Urbellum (エックス)-セイバー ウルベルム Common 80108118 Synchro Monster

Facts about "Starter Deck 2009"RDF feed
Cover cardRoad Warrior +
Japanese database ID2,202,003 +
Japanese nameSTARTER DECK 2009 +
Japanese release date14 March 2009 +
Japanese set and region prefixYSD4-JP +
Japanese set prefixYSD4 +
Korean Revised Romanization nameSeutateo Deg 2009 +
Korean nameSTARTER DECK(스타터 덱) 2009
Korean release date21 October 2009 +
Korean set and region prefixYSD4-KR +
Korean set prefixYSD4 +
MediumOfficial +
OCG set prefixYSD4 +
Page nameStarter Deck 2009 +
Page typeSet page +
Romaji nameSutātā Dekki Nisenkyū +
Ruby Japanese nameSTARTER DECK(スターターデッキ) 2009
Ruby textSTARTER DECK(スターターデッキ) 2009
Set typeStarter Deck +
TCG set prefixYSD4 +

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