Starter Deck: Jaden Yuki is a Starter Deck in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game (TCG). Released alongside Starter Deck: Syrus Truesdale, they are the eighth and ninth deck in the TCG's Starter Deck series, following Starter Deck 2006.

The Jaden Yuki Starter, "The first Duel Academy's Starter Deck", features popular cards from the Yu-Gi-Oh! GX series.

Also included is an updated graphical Beginner's Guide with a "How to power-up your Deck" section, along with a deluxe game mat and a Super and Ultra Rare card.


Each Starter Deck: Jaden Yuki contains 41 cards in total. The number of card of each rarity are as follows:



Set number Name Rarity Category
YSDJ-EN000 Elemental HERO Necroshade Ultra Rare Effect Monster
YSDJ-EN001 Cyber-Tech Alligator Common Normal Monster
YSDJ-EN002 Gemini Elf Common Normal Monster
YSDJ-EN003 Dark Blade Common Normal Monster
YSDJ-EN004 Sonic Duck Common Normal Monster
YSDJ-EN005 Elemental HERO Avian Common Normal Monster
YSDJ-EN006 Elemental HERO Burstinatrix Common Normal Monster
YSDJ-EN007 Elemental HERO Clayman Common Normal Monster
YSDJ-EN008 Elemental HERO Sparkman Common Normal Monster
YSDJ-EN009 Poison Mummy Common Flip monster
YSDJ-EN010 Mask of Darkness Common Flip monster
YSDJ-EN011 Exiled Force Common Effect Monster
YSDJ-EN012 Little-Winguard Common Effect Monster
YSDJ-EN013 Mataza the Zapper Common Effect Monster
YSDJ-EN014 Ninja Grandmaster Sasuke Common Effect Monster
YSDJ-EN015 Chiron the Mage Common Effect Monster
YSDJ-EN016 Shadowslayer Common Effect Monster
YSDJ-EN017 Elemental HERO Bubbleman Super Rare Effect Monster
YSDJ-EN018 Elemental HERO Bladedge Common Effect Monster
YSDJ-EN019 Elemental HERO Wildheart Common Effect Monster
YSDJ-EN020 Cybernetic Cyclopean Common Effect Monster
YSDJ-EN021 Rush Recklessly Common Quick-Play Spell Card
YSDJ-EN022 Giant Trunade Common Normal Spell Card
YSDJ-EN023 Lightning Blade Common Equip Spell Card
YSDJ-EN024 Heavy Storm Common Normal Spell Card
YSDJ-EN025 Banner of Courage Common Continuous Spell Card
YSDJ-EN026 Smashing Ground Common Normal Spell Card
YSDJ-EN027 Necklace of Command Common Equip Spell Card
YSDJ-EN028 Monster Reincarnation Common Normal Spell Card
YSDJ-EN029 Lightning Vortex Common Normal Spell Card
YSDJ-EN030 Brain Control Common Normal Spell Card
YSDJ-EN031 R - Righteous Justice Common Normal Spell Card
YSDJ-EN032 Lucky Iron Axe Common Equip Spell Card
YSDJ-EN033 Dust Tornado Common Normal Trap Card
YSDJ-EN034 Trap Hole Common Normal Trap Card
YSDJ-EN035 Magic Jammer Common Counter Trap Card
YSDJ-EN036 Sakuretsu Armor Common Normal Trap Card
YSDJ-EN037 Compulsory Evacuation Device Common Normal Trap Card
YSDJ-EN038 Draining Shield Common Normal Trap Card
YSDJ-EN039 Negate Attack Common Counter Trap Card
YSDJ-EN040 Magic Cylinder Common Normal Trap Card

Set number English name French name Rarity Category
YSDJ-FR000 Elemental HERO Necroshade Nécrombre, HÉROS Élémentaire Ultra Rare Effect Monster
YSDJ-FR001 Cyber-Tech Alligator Alligator Cybertech Common Normal Monster
YSDJ-FR002 Gemini Elf Gemini Elf Common Normal Monster
YSDJ-FR003 Dark Blade Sombrelame Common Normal Monster
YSDJ-FR004 Sonic Duck Canard Supersonique Common Normal Monster
YSDJ-FR005 Elemental HERO Avian Avian, HÉROS Élémentaire Common Normal Monster
YSDJ-FR006 Elemental HERO Burstinatrix Burstinatrix, HÉROS Élémentaire Common Normal Monster
YSDJ-FR007 Elemental HERO Clayman Clayman, HÉROS Élémentaire Common Normal Monster
YSDJ-FR008 Elemental HERO Sparkman Sparkman, HÉROS Élémentaire Common Normal Monster
YSDJ-FR009 Poison Mummy Momie Venimeuse Common Flip monster
YSDJ-FR010 Mask of Darkness Masque des Ténèbres Common Flip monster
YSDJ-FR011 Exiled Force La Troupe Exilée Common Effect Monster
YSDJ-FR012 Little-Winguard Petit Guerrier Ailé Common Effect Monster
YSDJ-FR013 Mataza the Zapper Mataza le Zappeur Common Effect Monster
YSDJ-FR014 Ninja Grandmaster Sasuke Maestro Ninja Sasuke Common Effect Monster
YSDJ-FR015 Chiron the Mage Chiron le Mage Common Effect Monster
YSDJ-FR016 Shadowslayer Tueur-d’Ombres Common Effect Monster
YSDJ-FR017 Elemental HERO Bubbleman Bubbleman, HÉROS Élémentaire Super Rare Effect Monster
YSDJ-FR018 Elemental HERO Bladedge Tranchant, Héros Élémentaire Common Effect Monster
YSDJ-FR019 Elemental HERO Wildheart Cœur Farouche, HÉROS Élémentaire Common Effect Monster
YSDJ-FR020 Cybernetic Cyclopean Cyclopéen Cybernétique Common Effect Monster
YSDJ-FR021 Rush Recklessly Charge Intrépide Common Quick-Play Spell Card
YSDJ-FR022 Giant Trunade Tornade Géante Common Normal Spell Card
YSDJ-FR023 Lightning Blade Lame Foudroyante Common Equip Spell Card
YSDJ-FR024 Heavy Storm Violent Orage Common Normal Spell Card
YSDJ-FR025 Banner of Courage Bannière du Courage Common Continuous Spell Card
YSDJ-FR026 Smashing Ground Destruction Terrestre Common Normal Spell Card
YSDJ-FR027 Necklace of Command Collier de Commandement Common Equip Spell Card
YSDJ-FR028 Monster Reincarnation Réincarnation de Monstre Common Normal Spell Card
YSDJ-FR029 Lightning Vortex Vortex Foudroyant Common Normal Spell Card
YSDJ-FR030 Brain Control Contrôle Cérébral Common Normal Spell Card
YSDJ-FR031 R - Righteous Justice R - Justice Vertueuse Common Normal Spell Card
YSDJ-FR032 Lucky Iron Axe Hache de Fer Porte-Bonheur Common Equip Spell Card
YSDJ-FR033 Dust Tornado Tornade de Poussière Common Normal Trap Card
YSDJ-FR034 Trap Hole Trappe Common Normal Trap Card
YSDJ-FR035 Magic Jammer Brouilleur Magique Common Counter Trap Card
YSDJ-FR036 Sakuretsu Armor Armure de Sakuretsu Common Normal Trap Card
YSDJ-FR037 Compulsory Evacuation Device Dispositif d'Évacuation Obligatoire Common Normal Trap Card
YSDJ-FR038 Draining Shield Bouclier Drainant Common Normal Trap Card
YSDJ-FR039 Negate Attack Annulation d'Attaque Common Counter Trap Card
YSDJ-FR040 Magic Cylinder Cylindre Magique Common Normal Trap Card

Set number English name German name Rarity Category
YSDJ-DE000 Elemental HERO Necroshade Elementar-HELD Necroshade Ultra Rare Effect Monster
YSDJ-DE001 Cyber-Tech Alligator Cybertech-Alligator Common Normal Monster
YSDJ-DE002 Gemini Elf Elfenzwillinge Common Normal Monster
YSDJ-DE003 Dark Blade Dunkelklinge Common Normal Monster
YSDJ-DE004 Sonic Duck Schall-Ente Common Normal Monster
YSDJ-DE005 Elemental HERO Avian Elementar-HELD Avian Common Normal Monster
YSDJ-DE006 Elemental HERO Burstinatrix Elementar-HELD Burstinatrix Common Normal Monster
YSDJ-DE007 Elemental HERO Clayman Elementar-HELD Clayman Common Normal Monster
YSDJ-DE008 Elemental HERO Sparkman Elementar-HELD Sparkman Common Normal Monster
YSDJ-DE009 Poison Mummy Giftige Mumie Common Flip monster
YSDJ-DE010 Mask of Darkness Maske der Finsternis Common Flip monster
YSDJ-DE011 Exiled Force Truppen im Exil Common Effect Monster
YSDJ-DE012 Little-Winguard Kleiner Flügelbewacher Common Effect Monster
YSDJ-DE013 Mataza the Zapper Mataza, der Zapper Common Effect Monster
YSDJ-DE014 Ninja Grandmaster Sasuke Ninja-Maestro Sasuke Common Effect Monster
YSDJ-DE015 Chiron the Mage Chiron der Magier Common Effect Monster
YSDJ-DE016 Shadowslayer Schattentöter Common Effect Monster
YSDJ-DE017 Elemental HERO Bubbleman Elementar-HELD Bubbleman Super Rare Effect Monster
YSDJ-DE018 Elemental HERO Bladedge Elementar-HELD Bladedge Common Effect Monster
YSDJ-DE019 Elemental HERO Wildheart Elementar-HELD Wildheart Common Effect Monster
YSDJ-DE020 Cybernetic Cyclopean Kybernetischer Zyklop Common Effect Monster
YSDJ-DE021 Rush Recklessly Waghalsig voranstürmen Common Quick-Play Spell Card
YSDJ-DE022 Giant Trunade Riesen-Trunade Common Normal Spell Card
YSDJ-DE023 Lightning Blade Blitzklinge Common Equip Spell Card
YSDJ-DE024 Heavy Storm Schwerer Sturm Common Normal Spell Card
YSDJ-DE025 Banner of Courage Banner des Mutes Common Continuous Spell Card
YSDJ-DE026 Smashing Ground Aufschlagen Common Normal Spell Card
YSDJ-DE027 Necklace of Command Gebieterische Halskette Common Equip Spell Card
YSDJ-DE028 Monster Reincarnation Monster-Reinkarnation Common Normal Spell Card
YSDJ-DE029 Lightning Vortex Blitzeinschlag Common Normal Spell Card
YSDJ-DE030 Brain Control Gehirnkontrolle Common Normal Spell Card
YSDJ-DE031 R - Righteous Justice R - Rechtschaffenes Urteil Common Normal Spell Card
YSDJ-DE032 Lucky Iron Axe Glückseisenaxt Common Equip Spell Card
YSDJ-DE033 Dust Tornado Staubtornado Common Normal Trap Card
YSDJ-DE034 Trap Hole Fallgrube Common Normal Trap Card
YSDJ-DE035 Magic Jammer Magische Störung Common Counter Trap Card
YSDJ-DE036 Sakuretsu Armor Sakuretsu-Rüstung Common Normal Trap Card
YSDJ-DE037 Compulsory Evacuation Device Zwangsevakuierungsgerät Common Normal Trap Card
YSDJ-DE038 Draining Shield Entkräftungsschild Common Normal Trap Card
YSDJ-DE039 Negate Attack Angriff annullieren Common Counter Trap Card
YSDJ-DE040 Magic Cylinder Magischer Zylinder Common Normal Trap Card

Set number English name Italian name Rarity Category
YSDJ-IT000 Elemental HERO Necroshade Necro-Ombra EROE Elementale Ultra Rare Effect Monster
YSDJ-IT001 Cyber-Tech Alligator Cyber-Alligatech Common Normal Monster
YSDJ-IT002 Gemini Elf Elfi Gemelli Common Normal Monster
YSDJ-IT003 Dark Blade Lama Oscura Common Normal Monster
YSDJ-IT004 Sonic Duck Papera Sonica Common Normal Monster
YSDJ-IT005 Elemental HERO Avian Avian EROE Elementale Common Normal Monster
YSDJ-IT006 Elemental HERO Burstinatrix Burstinatrix EROE Elementale Common Normal Monster
YSDJ-IT007 Elemental HERO Clayman Clayman EROE Elementale Common Normal Monster
YSDJ-IT008 Elemental HERO Sparkman Sparkman EROE Elementale Common Normal Monster
YSDJ-IT009 Poison Mummy Mummia Infetta Common Flip monster
YSDJ-IT010 Mask of Darkness Maschera dell'Oscurità Common Flip monster
YSDJ-IT011 Exiled Force Forza Esiliata Common Effect Monster
YSDJ-IT012 Little-Winguard Piccola-Guardialata Common Effect Monster
YSDJ-IT013 Mataza the Zapper Mataza l'Assassino Fulmineo Common Effect Monster
YSDJ-IT014 Ninja Grandmaster Sasuke Sasuke Maestro Ninja Common Effect Monster
YSDJ-IT015 Chiron the Mage Chiron il Saggio Common Effect Monster
YSDJ-IT016 Shadowslayer Assassino Ombra Common Effect Monster
YSDJ-IT017 Elemental HERO Bubbleman Bubbleman EROE Elementale Super Rare Effect Monster
YSDJ-IT018 Elemental HERO Bladedge Bladedge EROE Elementale Common Effect Monster
YSDJ-IT019 Elemental HERO Wildheart Wildheart EROE Elementale Common Effect Monster
YSDJ-IT020 Cybernetic Cyclopean Ciclope Cibernetico Common Effect Monster
YSDJ-IT021 Rush Recklessly Corsa Avventata Common Quick-Play Spell Card
YSDJ-IT022 Giant Trunade Ritorno Totale Common Normal Spell Card
YSDJ-IT023 Lightning Blade Lama Accecante Common Equip Spell Card
YSDJ-IT024 Heavy Storm Tempesta Potente Common Normal Spell Card
YSDJ-IT025 Banner of Courage Stendardo del Coraggio Common Continuous Spell Card
YSDJ-IT026 Smashing Ground Schiacciare Common Normal Spell Card
YSDJ-IT027 Necklace of Command Amuleto del Comando Common Equip Spell Card
YSDJ-IT028 Monster Reincarnation Mostro Reincarnato Common Normal Spell Card
YSDJ-IT029 Lightning Vortex Fulmine Boltex Common Normal Spell Card
YSDJ-IT030 Brain Control Controllo della Mente Common Normal Spell Card
YSDJ-IT031 R - Righteous Justice R - Retta Giustizia Common Normal Spell Card
YSDJ-IT032 Lucky Iron Axe Ascia Ferro Fortunato Common Equip Spell Card
YSDJ-IT033 Dust Tornado Tornado di Polvere Common Normal Trap Card
YSDJ-IT034 Trap Hole Buco Trappola Common Normal Trap Card
YSDJ-IT035 Magic Jammer Disturbo Magico Common Counter Trap Card
YSDJ-IT036 Sakuretsu Armor Armatura Sakuretsu Common Normal Trap Card
YSDJ-IT037 Compulsory Evacuation Device Dispositivo di Salvataggio Obbligatorio Common Normal Trap Card
YSDJ-IT038 Draining Shield Scudo Prosciugante Common Normal Trap Card
YSDJ-IT039 Negate Attack Annulla Attacco Common Counter Trap Card
YSDJ-IT040 Magic Cylinder Cilindro Magico Common Normal Trap Card

Set number English name Spanish name Rarity Category
YSDJ-SP000 Elemental HERO Necroshade HÉROE Elemental Necroshade Ultra Rare Effect Monster
YSDJ-SP001 Cyber-Tech Alligator Aligátor Cibertech Common Normal Monster
YSDJ-SP002 Gemini Elf Elfo Géminis Common Normal Monster
YSDJ-SP003 Dark Blade Hoja Oscura Common Normal Monster
YSDJ-SP004 Sonic Duck Pato Sónico Common Normal Monster
YSDJ-SP005 Elemental HERO Avian HÉROE Elemental Avian Common Normal Monster
YSDJ-SP006 Elemental HERO Burstinatrix HÉROE Elemental Burstinatrix Common Normal Monster
YSDJ-SP007 Elemental HERO Clayman HÉROE Elemental Clayman Common Normal Monster
YSDJ-SP008 Elemental HERO Sparkman HÉROE Elemental Sparkman Common Normal Monster
YSDJ-SP009 Poison Mummy Momia Venenosa Common Flip monster
YSDJ-SP010 Mask of Darkness Máscara de la Oscuridad Common Flip monster
YSDJ-SP011 Exiled Force Fuerza Exiliada Common Effect Monster
YSDJ-SP012 Little-Winguard Pequeño Guardián Alado Common Effect Monster
YSDJ-SP013 Mataza the Zapper Mataza el Zapador Common Effect Monster
YSDJ-SP014 Ninja Grandmaster Sasuke Ninja Maestro Sasuke Common Effect Monster
YSDJ-SP015 Chiron the Mage Chiron el Mago Common Effect Monster
YSDJ-SP016 Shadowslayer Exterminasombras Common Effect Monster
YSDJ-SP017 Elemental HERO Bubbleman HÉROE Elemental Bubbleman Super Rare Effect Monster
YSDJ-SP018 Elemental HERO Bladedge Héroe Elemental Bladedge Common Effect Monster
YSDJ-SP019 Elemental HERO Wildheart HÉROE Elemental Wildheart Common Effect Monster
YSDJ-SP020 Cybernetic Cyclopean Cíclope Cibernético Common Effect Monster
YSDJ-SP021 Rush Recklessly Arremetida Imprudente Common Quick-Play Spell Card
YSDJ-SP022 Giant Trunade Tornado Gigante Common Normal Spell Card
YSDJ-SP023 Lightning Blade Hoja de Rayos Common Equip Spell Card
YSDJ-SP024 Heavy Storm Tormenta Fuerte Common Normal Spell Card
YSDJ-SP025 Banner of Courage Estandarte de Valor Common Continuous Spell Card
YSDJ-SP026 Smashing Ground Aplastando el Suelo Common Normal Spell Card
YSDJ-SP027 Necklace of Command Collar de Mando Common Equip Spell Card
YSDJ-SP028 Monster Reincarnation Monstruo Reencarnado Common Normal Spell Card
YSDJ-SP029 Lightning Vortex Vórtice de Relámpago Common Normal Spell Card
YSDJ-SP030 Brain Control Control Cerebral Common Normal Spell Card
YSDJ-SP031 R - Righteous Justice R- Justicia Honesta Common Normal Spell Card
YSDJ-SP032 Lucky Iron Axe Hacha de Hierro de la Suerte Common Equip Spell Card
YSDJ-SP033 Dust Tornado Tornado de Polvo Common Normal Trap Card
YSDJ-SP034 Trap Hole Agujero Trampa Common Normal Trap Card
YSDJ-SP035 Magic Jammer Disruptor Mágico Common Counter Trap Card
YSDJ-SP036 Sakuretsu Armor Armadura Sakuretsu Common Normal Trap Card
YSDJ-SP037 Compulsory Evacuation Device Artilugio de Evacuación Compulsiva Common Normal Trap Card
YSDJ-SP038 Draining Shield Escudo Drenador Common Normal Trap Card
YSDJ-SP039 Negate Attack Negar Ataque Common Counter Trap Card
YSDJ-SP040 Magic Cylinder Cilindro Mágico Common Normal Trap Card