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Star Pack 2013
  • Star Pack 2013

Pack Étoile 2013


Star Pack 2013


Star Pack 2013


Pacote Estelar 2013


Sobre de Estrellas 2013

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Star Pack

  • SP13-EN (en)
  • SP13-FR (fr)
  • SP13-DE (de)
  • SP13-IT (it)
  • SP13-SP (es)
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Cover card
Release dates
  • March 1, 2013
French, German, Italian, Spanish
  • February 28, 2013

Star Pack 2013

"Each pack contains 3 randomly distributed cards with 1 guaranteed Starfoil Card. The cards are taken from a set of 50 cards which are all available as Commons AND as Starfoils. This means a whole bunch of cards never seen before as Starfoils.

The set Star Pack 2013 contains some of the greatest cards from the first season of the new TV show Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL like "Goblindbergh", "Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon" or "Number 34: Terror-Byte", so "here is an easy way for fans of the show to get their hands on cards played by Yuma Tsukumo, his friends and opponents."

"Contains 50 cards of the first 20 Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL episodes, including 12 old cards from the Duel Monsters/GX/5D's time. (Includes 7 cards that are never released in Europe.)"




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Star Pack 2013
(TCG - English)
Set # Name Rarity Card # Category
SP13-EN001 Zubaba Knight Common
Starfoil Rare
97896503 Effect Monster
SP13-EN002 Gagaga Magician Common
Starfoil Rare
26082117 Effect Monster
SP13-EN003 Gogogo Golem Common
Starfoil Rare
62476815 Effect Monster
SP13-EN004 Achacha Archer Common
Starfoil Rare
98865920 Effect Monster
SP13-EN005 Goblindbergh Common
Starfoil Rare
25259669 Effect Monster
SP13-EN006 Big Jaws Common
Starfoil Rare
51254277 Effect Monster
SP13-EN007 Skull Kraken Common
Starfoil Rare
98649372 Effect Monster
SP13-EN008 Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon Common
Starfoil Rare
93717133 Effect Monster
SP13-EN009 Kagetokage Common
Starfoil Rare
94656263 Effect Monster
SP13-EN010 Friller Rabca Common
Starfoil Rare
93830681 Effect Monster
SP13-EN011 Needle Sunfish Common
Starfoil Rare
56223084 Effect Monster
SP13-EN012 Photon Cerberus Common
Starfoil Rare
28990150 Effect Monster
SP13-EN013 Kurivolt Common
Starfoil Rare
40817915 Effect Monster
SP13-EN014 Darklon Common
Starfoil Rare
76202610 Effect Monster
SP13-EN015 Flame Armor Ninja Common
Starfoil Rare
33034646 Effect Monster
SP13-EN016 Air Armor Ninja Common
Starfoil Rare
69023354 Effect Monster
SP13-EN017 Aqua Armor Ninja Common
Starfoil Rare
96427353 Effect Monster
SP13-EN018 Earth Armor Ninja Common
Starfoil Rare
22812068 Effect Monster
SP13-EN019 Flelf Common
Starfoil Rare
61807040 Effect Monster
SP13-EN020 Chewbone Common
Starfoil Rare
07392745 Flip Effect Monster
SP13-EN021 Number 39: Utopia Common
Starfoil Rare
84013237 Xyz Monster
SP13-EN022 Grenosaurus Common
Starfoil Rare
47506081 Xyz Monster
SP13-EN023 Number 17: Leviathan Dragon Common
Starfoil Rare
69610924 Xyz Monster
SP13-EN024 Submersible Carrier Aero Shark Common
Starfoil Rare
05014629 Xyz Monster
SP13-EN025 Number 34: Terror-Byte Common
Starfoil Rare
32003338 Xyz Monster
SP13-EN026 Number 10: Illumiknight Common
Starfoil Rare
11411223 Xyz Monster
SP13-EN027 Baby Tiragon Common
Starfoil Rare
12533811 Xyz Monster
SP13-EN028 Number 83: Galaxy Queen Common
Starfoil Rare
48928529 Xyz Monster
SP13-EN029 Black Ray Lancer Common
Starfoil Rare
74416224 Xyz Monster
SP13-EN030 Number 12: Crimson Shadow Armor Ninja Common
Starfoil Rare
19333131 Xyz Monster
SP13-EN031 Number 96: Dark Mist Common
Starfoil Rare
55727845 Xyz Monster
SP13-EN032 Wonder Wand Common
Starfoil Rare
67775894 Equip Spell Card
SP13-EN033 Infected Mail Common
Starfoil Rare
06430659 Continuous Spell Card
SP13-EN034 Ego Boost Common
Starfoil Rare
73178098 Quick-Play Spell Card
SP13-EN035 Monster Slots Common
Starfoil Rare
09576193 Normal Spell Card
SP13-EN036 Heartfelt Appeal Common
Starfoil Rare
32065885 Normal Trap Card
SP13-EN037 Icy Crevasse Common
Starfoil Rare
20721759 Normal Trap Card
SP13-EN038 Nitwit Outwit Common
Starfoil Rare
49204190 Normal Trap Card
SP13-EN039 Faith Bird Common
Starfoil Rare
75582395 Normal Monster
SP13-EN040 Gilford the Lightning Common
Starfoil Rare
36354007 Effect Monster
SP13-EN041 Gandora the Dragon of Destruction Common
Starfoil Rare
64681432 Effect Monster
SP13-EN042 Metalmorph Common
Starfoil Rare
68540058 Continuous Trap Card
SP13-EN043 Arcana Force EX - The Dark Ruler Common
Starfoil Rare
69831560 Effect Monster
SP13-EN044 Arcana Force EX - The Light Ruler Common
Starfoil Rare
05861892 Effect Monster
SP13-EN045 Barbaroid, the Ultimate Battle Machine Common
Starfoil Rare
54702678 Fusion Monster
SP13-EN046 Elemental HERO Escuridao Common
Starfoil Rare
33574806 Fusion Monster
SP13-EN047 Meklord Emperor Wisel Common
Starfoil Rare
68140974 Effect Monster
SP13-EN048 Seven Swords Warrior Common
Starfoil Rare
43366227 Synchro Monster
SP13-EN049 Catapult Warrior Common
Starfoil Rare
37474917 Synchro Monster
SP13-EN050 One for One Common
Starfoil Rare
02295440 Normal Spell Card

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Star Pack 2013
(TCG - Italian)
Set number Name
SP13-IT001 Cavaliere Zubaba
SP13-IT002 Mago Gagaga
SP13-IT003 Golem Gogogo
SP13-IT004 Arciere Achacha
SP13-IT005 Goblindbergh
SP13-IT006 Grandi Mascelle
SP13-IT007 Kraken Teschio
SP13-IT008 Drago Fotonico Occhi Galattici
SP13-IT009 Kagetokage
SP13-IT010 Rabca Sperone
SP13-IT011 Pesceluna Ago
SP13-IT012 Cerbero Fotonico
SP13-IT013 Kurivolt
SP13-IT014 Darklon
SP13-IT015 Ninja Armatura di Fiamma
SP13-IT016 Ninja Armatura d'Aria
SP13-IT017 Ninja Armatura d'Acqua
SP13-IT018 Ninja Armatura di Terra
SP13-IT019 Flelf
SP13-IT020 Ossomasticatore
SP13-IT021 Numero 39: Utopia
SP13-IT022 Grenosauro
SP13-IT023 Numero 17: Drago Leviatano
SP13-IT024 Portaerei Sommergibile Squalo
SP13-IT025 Numero 34: Terror-Byte
SP13-IT026 Numero 10: Illuminocavaliere
SP13-IT027 Baby Tiragon
SP13-EN028 Numero 83: Regina Galattica
SP13-IT029 Lanciere Raggio Nero
SP13-IT030 Numero 12: Ninja Armatura di Ombra Scarlatta
SP13-IT031 Numero 96: Nebbia Oscura
SP13-IT032 Bacchetta Miracolosa
SP13-IT033 Mail Infetta
SP13-IT034 Potenziamento dell'Ego
SP13-IT035 Slot dei Mostri
SP13-IT036 Appello Accorato
SP13-IT037 Crepaccio Ghiacciato
SP13-IT038 Furbizia Nitwit
SP13-IT039 Uccello della Fede
SP13-IT040 Gilford il Fulmine
SP13-IT041 Gandora, il Drago della Distruzione
SP13-IT042 Metalmorph
SP13-IT043 Energia Arcana EX - Il Signore Oscuro
SP13-IT044 Energia Arcana EX - Il Signore Luminoso
SP13-IT045 Barbaroid, la Macchina da Battaglia Finale
SP13-IT046 Escuridão EROE Elementale
SP13-IT047 Imperatore Meklord Wisel
SP13-IT048 Guerriero dalle Sette Spade
SP13-IT049 Guerriero Catapulta
SP13-IT050 Uno per Uno


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