Stairway to the Underworld
  • Japanese: 冥府につづく階段
  • Kana: めいふにつづくかいだん
  • Romaji: Meifu ni Tsuzuku Kaidan
Card type

Trap Spell



Activate only when you take a direct attack from your opponent. If there is no monster on your side of the field as well, Special Summon 2 Emissaries of Darkness from your Deck.

Viz Media lore?: Activate only when you take Battle Damage to your Life Points from a direct attack, and you do not control any monster on your side of the field. Special Summon 1 each of "Gorz the Emissary of Darkness" and "Kaien the Emissary of Darkness" from your Deck to your side of the field.

Manga cards (Galleries: R)

Other languages

Name Lore
Japanese めいにつづくかいだん 相手からダイレクトアタックを受けた時に発動



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