Splashable refers to cards capable of boosting almost any Decks they are placed in. For a card to be splashable, it must function well in a Deck regardless of what other cards are in that Deck.

A card that is considered splashable generally does not apply to any specific Type, Attribute, archetype, or other factor that applies to only a specific group of cards. For example, "Limiter Removal" is not splashable as it is only useful in a Deck that uses mostly Machine monsters, but "Shrink" is splashable because it can be played independently of other cards in the Deck.

One example of a splashable card is "Dark Hole". Many splashable cards are considered staples. However, cards like "Giant Trunade" have since evolved from staple to broken.

Battle Packs contains mostly splashable cards, as they are specifically created for Sealed Pack Play.

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