Spiritual Swords of Revealing Light
English Spiritual Swords of Revealing Light
French Épées de Révélation de la Lumière Spirituelle
German Spirituelle verräterische Schwerter
Italian Spada Rivelatrice Spirituale
Korean 빛의 봉인영검
Portuguese Espadas Espirituais da Luz Reveladora
Spanish Espadas Espirituales de la Luz Reveladora
Japanese (kana) ひかりのごふうれいけん
Japanese (base) 光の護封霊剣
Japanese (rōmaji) Hikari no Gofūreiken
Japanese (translated) Protective Seal Spiritual Swords of Light
Card type Trap TRAP.svg
Property Continuous Continuous.svg
Passcode 78625592
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