"Spiritual Beast" (せいれいじゅう Seireijū), known as "Spiritual Beast Avatar" in other TCG languages, is a sub-archetype of "Ritual Beast" that debuted in Booster SP: Tribe Force. They are used as materials to Contact Fusion the "Ritual Beast Ulti-" Fusion Monsters, along with the "Ritual Beast Tamer" monsters. They are WIND Level 4 monsters whose ATK and DEF have a sum of 2000, and their effects are based on banishing other "Ritual Beasts" from the hand or Deck in order to setup the "De-Fusion"-like effect of the "Ritual Beast Ulti-" Fusion Monsters.

As with all other "Ritual Beast" cards, this archetype is named differently in non-English TCG languages due to the difference in word orders making the sub-archetype pun no longer functional.

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