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Spirit Partners are Duel Monster Spirits that have human partners. Their partners and any other humans that possess the ability are the only humans who can see and interact with them. It's also possible to have more than one spirit partner. The following characters own or have the ability to sense a Duel Monster in one way or another. They are presumably Ka due to how Winged Kuriboh appeared in a flashback in the manga.


Yu-Gi-Oh! GX

  • Aster Phoenix unlocks his ability to see Duel Monster Spirits after his second dramatic real duel with Jaden, Aster can also sense their presence. Aster has phenomenal bond with his Destiny Heroes that he recites many times and in which they respond. Aster's Duel Monster Spirit may be Destiny Hero Dreadmaster, as after Aster decisively defeats Jaden in a duel, Dreadmaster envelops Aster and mimics his leave while Aster tells Jaden that he cannot hide from destiny. Also, after Aster and Jaden form the Ultimate Tag Team, Aster entreats his Destiny Heroes to see if he still controls destiny, Aster's Destiny Hero Dasher Duel Monster Spirit later calls out to the Neos-Spacians and initiates a move winning them the duel further showing the bond between Aster and his Destiny Heroes.
  • Princess Rose claimed to be able to see Duel Spirits; though no one believed her, Jaden saw a Des Frog in a Prince's outfit following her after their Duel, leading viewers to believe she was telling the truth.
  • Chancellor Foster was the original owner of Ojama Yellow before he passed it to Chazz. He could see and hear it, but it is unknown if he could do it with other Duel Spirits.
  • Belowski can communicate with Duel Spirits like Jaden. His spirit partner may be Mokey Mokey.
  • Trapper doesn’t possess a Spirit Partner of his own (he once did, but it was stolen from him by another, unnamed person), but nonetheless, wields the uncanny ability to not only see, but also trap Duel Spirits.
  • Chumley has Des Koala as his Spirit Partner. It's unknown whether he can see other Duel Spirits, but he is at least able to hear them.
  • Though Sartorius cannot see visually see nor speak to Duel Spirits, he is able to sense them due to his honed psychic abilities.
  • According to Wheeler's doctor, monkeys have higher ability to hear Duel Spirits than humans. That's why he made Dueling experiments with Wheeler.
  • Yubel may be considered a Spirit Partner, though the relationship she shares is mostly harmful to all who come into contact with her, so this is debatable. Notably, however, she does afford great power to those who ally with her, although she often turns on her allies when she has no further use for them. However, after fusing with Jaden and being freed from the Light of Destruction's influence, Yubel actually became a loyal spirit partner to Jaden.
  • Zane's Spirit Partner is Cyber End Dragon. In episode 83, it was revealed by Sheppard that he had a special bond with the monster's Spirit and Zane stated that he could hear it crying out in pain after destroying it later on after destroying Cyber End Dragon with Cyber Ogre 2.

Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's

  • Luna's spirit partners are Kuribon and Ancient Fairy Dragon, though she can see the spirits of the rest of her deck, all of which are spirit monsters such as Regulus and Sunlight Unicorn. She can also speak to the spirits in other Duelists' decks, whether or not that duelist can see or speak to spirits or not.
  • Leo appears to have "Power Tool Dragon" as a spirit partner, as his dragon has often shown concern for him in his duels. Leo even asked if it was okay in episode 49, and it nodded, showing that the two can understand each other (whether or not they can mentally communicate like Luna outside of a Duel, is yet to be seen). He later revealed himself in his true form, Life Stream Dragon.
  • Yusei Fudo appears to have "Stardust Dragon" as a Spirit Partner, as Luna says in episode 41 "Is Stardust saying he'll protect us?" (when she says this, Stardust Dragon moved a little more in front of them on its own).
  • Akiza's Spirit Partner appears to be "Black Rose Dragon", which is shown after the Duel in the Divine Temple. After she and Crow defeat Sherry, Crow says in surprise that Akiza's monster protected them, and Akiza says that was what "Black Rose Dragon" wanted.


  • Astral's and Yuma Tsukumo's spirit partner is Number 39: Utopia as he is the Number most loyal to Astral and Yuma. This is seen in episode 37 when Utopia protected Astral on its own, and in the episode 39 even left the key because of Astral telling him to go to Yuma. Utopia also left the key in episode 74 to go help Yuma against Fender. In Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL - Episode 111 Yuma says that Utopia is their friend who is always there to give them hope.
    • Baby Tiragon has also been shown to interact with Yuma like a spirit partner.
    • Rainbow Kuriboh is also Yuma's spirit partner since he kept trying to help Yuma evade Eliphas and was frequently used in Yuma's duels.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V

  • Yuya Sakaki's spirit partner is Odd-Eyes **Pendulum Dragon, as he interacts the most with this monster, and like its owner, Odd-Eyes had developed a sense of humor in situations such as when Yuya activated "Smile World".
    • Stargazer Magician and Timegazer Magician who saved Zuzu, Tate, Allie, and Frederick from crumbling building in episode 4. Also in episode 23 both Timegazer and Stargazer take a bow in the pendulum zone.
    • Performapal Hip Hippo becomes
  • Yugo appears to have Clear Wing Synchro Dragon as a Spirit Partner, as it spoke to him saying it wants to fight Yuto and his Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon.

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