Spikeshield with Chain

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Spikeshield with Chain
English Spikeshield with Chain
Chinese 附锁链的尖盾
French Bouclier à Pics avec Chaîne
German Stachelschild mit Kette
Italian Scudopunta con Catena
Korean 쇠사슬 스파이크 실드
Portuguese Escudo-Ferrão com Corrente
Spanish Escudo de Púa con Cadena
Japanese (kana) くさりつきスパイクシールド
Japanese (base) 鎖付き尖盾
Japanese (rōmaji) Kusaritsuki Supaikushīrudo
Japanese (translated) Chain-Attached Spike-Shield
Type Trap Card TRAP
Property Normal Normal
Passcode 06691855
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