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This deck takes the swarm abilities of Spellcasters to quickly perform Synchro Summons.

Deck Strategies

This deck is very similar to a basic Chaos deck with Synchro capabilities, but most of monsters in the deck are Spellcaster-type monsters. "Magical Exemplar" and "Summoner Monk" can be used to Special Summon Spellcaster-type Tuner Monsters such as "Night's End Sorcerer" , "Flamvell Magician" or used Genex Blastfan effect in order to Obtain a Genex Ally Birdman and returning Summoner Monk in hand, then Synchro Summon, thus allow another Synchro Summon for next turn by using Summoner Monk again . "The Tricky" and "Oracle of the Sun" Special Summon themselves, allowing for higher level Synchro Summoning. "Magician's Circle" can be used to search for your high-level Spellcaster-type monsters like "Dark Red Enchanter". Since this works during the Battle Phase, "Urgent Tuning" can be used to Synchro Summon a Synchro Monsters.

"Instant Fusion" also works well as you can accumulate Spell Counters on your various cards while Special Summoning a "Musician King" as your non-Tuner Spellcaster for "Arcanite Magician".

Of course, this deck goes well with other cards that quickly Synchro Summon, such as "Emergency Teleport" or "Plaguespreader Zombie".

Recommended Cards




Extra Deck

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