Spellbinding Circle
  • Japanese: 六芒星の呪縛
  • Romaji: Rokubōsei no Jubaku
  • Translated: Curse of the Hexagram
Card type

Trap TRAP.svg


Continuous.svg Continuous

Select 1 monster your opponent controls and activate 1 or more of the following effects: 1. It loses 700 ATK 2. It cannot attack, or change its battle position. When that monster is destroyed, destroy this card.[note 1]

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Other languages

Name Lore
Japanese 六芒星の呪縛 このカードがフィールド上にある限り、指定した相手モンスター1体は攻撃できず、表示形式も変更できない。指定モンスターが破壊された時、このカードを破壊する。
Rokubōsei no Jubaku



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  1. Despite being printed with the lore of its OCG/TCG counterpart, "Spellbinding Circle" did not function that way at this point in the anime.

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