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Spell Speed 2

Spell Speed 2 (Japanese: スペルスピード2) card effects are effects that can be used when you priority. Typically, you use these in response to Spell Speed 1 and other Spell Speed 2 effects, however some can start a Chain themselves as well. Spell Speed 2 card and effects cannot be activated in response to Spell Speed 3 effects. Spell Speed 2 effects are also called "Fast Effects".

If a card states, "during either player's turn", then it is considered Spell Speed 2. It may also say "(this is a Quick Effect)".

All Continuous Trap Cards are considered to have Spell Speed 2 effects, even if they may omit "during either player's turn". An example of this is the effect of Dark Smog.

The following are all Spell Speed 2:

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