Spell Shield Type-8

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Spell Shield Type-8
Flag of the United Kingdom English Spell Shield Type-8
Flag of France French Sort de Bouclier Type 8
Flag of Germany German Zauberschild Typ 8
Flag of Italy Italian Scudo Magico Tipo-8
Flag of Portugal Portuguese Escudo Mágico Tipo-8
Flag of Spain Spanish Escudo de Hechizos Tipo 8
Flag of Japan Japanese (Kana) はちしきたいまほうたじゅうけっかい
Flag of Japan Japanese (Base) 八式對魔法多重結界
Flag of Japan Phonetic Hachishiki Tai Mahō Tajū Kekkai
Flag of Japan Translated Type 8 Anti-Magic Multi-Layer Barrier
Type Trap Card TRAP
Property Counter Counter
Card Number 38275183
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