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A Spell Counter as it appears in various card artworks

A Spell Counter (魔力カウンター Maryoku Kauntā) is a specific type of counter that can be placed on certain cards whose effect allows them to gain Spell Counters. Such cards usually have an effect that allows them to gain Spell Counters whenever a Spell Card is activated, such as "Skilled Dark Magician" (although there are exceptions, such as "Alchemist of Black Spells" and "Breaker the Magical Warrior"). Other cards, such as "Pitch-Black Power Stone", have effects that allow them to place Spell Counters on other cards.

A Spell Counter itself does nothing. Certain cards require Spell Counters to use their effects. When a card with Spell Counters on it is flipped face down, all of its Spell Counters are removed.

One or more Pitch-Black Power Stone-esque orbs are usually on the clothing or accessories of the monsters that use them. In a thematic sense, they might be the spell counters, or at least containers for them. These are usually cards whose effects involve Spell Counters in some way, like "Skilled Dark Magician". However, some cards, such as "Old Vindictive Magician", feature Spell Counters in their artwork when their effects have nothing to do with them. Other cards, like "Dark Red Enchanter", feature no Spell Counters when their effects rely on them.

Spell Counters are usually centered around Spellcaster-Type monsters. The Structure Decks Spellcaster's Judgment and Lord of the Magician contain a number of Spell Counter related cards.


List of cards involving Spell Counters

Monster Cards

  Level Attribute Type Card type ATK DEF
Alchemist of Black Spells 4 WIND Spellcaster Effect Monster 1,200 1,800
Arcanite Magician 7 LIGHT Spellcaster Synchro Monster 400 1,800
Arcanite Magician/Assault Mode 9 LIGHT Spellcaster Effect Monster 900 2,300
Blast Magician 4 FIRE Spellcaster Effect Monster 1,400 1,700
Breaker the Dark Magical Warrior 6 DARK Spellcaster Effect Monster 1,600 1,000
Crusader of Endymion 4 LIGHT Spellcaster Effect Monster 1,900 1,200
Dark Red Enchanter 6 DARK Spellcaster Effect Monster 1,700 2,200
Dark Valkyria 4 DARK Fairy Effect Monster 1,800 1,050
Defender, the Magical Knight 4 LIGHT Spellcaster Effect Monster 1,600 2,000
Disenchanter 5 LIGHT Spellcaster Effect Monster 2,000 2,300
Endymion, the Master Magician 7 DARK Spellcaster Effect Monster 2,700 1,700
Explosive Magician 6 LIGHT Spellcaster Synchro Monster 2,500 1,800
Frequency Magician 2 LIGHT Spellcaster Effect Monster 800 400
Hannibal Necromancer 4 DARK Spellcaster Effect Monster 1,400 1,800
Magical Exemplar 4 EARTH Spellcaster Effect Monster 1,700 1,400
Maiden of Macabre 4 DARK Spellcaster Effect Monster 1,700 0
Tempest Magician 6 DARK Spellcaster Synchro Monster 2,200 1,400

Spell & Trap Cards

  Attribute Card type
Anti-Spell Trap Card Counter Trap Card
Arcane Barrier Spell Card Continuous Spell Card
Magical Citadel of Endymion Spell Card Field Spell Card
Mega Ton Magical Cannon Spell Card Normal Spell Card
Miracle Restoring Trap Card Normal Trap Card
Spell Power Grasp Spell Card Normal Spell Card
Spellbook Star Hall Spell Card Continuous Spell Card
Tower of Babel Trap Card Continuous Trap Card

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