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Spell & Trap Zone

Japanese (kanji and furigana)

()(ほう)(トラップ)ゾーン (formerly ()(ほう)(トラップ)カードゾーン)

Japanese (furigana)

まほう&トラップゾーン (formerly まほう&トラップカードゾーン)

Japanese (kanji)

魔法&罠ゾーン (formerly 魔法&罠カードゾーン)


Mahō & Torappu Zōn (formerly Mahō & Torappu Kādozōn)

Japanese translated

Magic & Trap Zone (formerly Magic & Trap Card Zone)


Spell & Trap Zone (formerly Spell & Trap Card Zone)

Spell & Trap Zones (()(ほう)(トラップ)ゾーン Mahō & Torappu Zōn "Magic & Trap Zone"), formerly Spell & Trap Card Zones (()(ほう)(トラップ)カードゾーン Mahō & Torappu Kādozōn "Magic & Trap Card Zone"), are the 5 lower-middle cyan boxes as depicted in this picture. You can only have 5 in play at any one time, 5 face-up or face-down Spell Card and/or Trap Cards, with an additional Field Spell Card in the Field Zone. If you have all 5 Zones occupied, to activate another Spell Card or Set another Spell or Trap Card from your hand (except a Field Spell Card), one of your Spell or Trap Cards needs to be removed from the field.



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