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Spell & Trap Zone



Formerly: ()(ほう)(トラップ)カードゾーン

Japanese (ruby)

Formerly: まほう&トラップカードゾーン

Japanese (base text)

Formerly: 魔法&罠カードゾーン

Japanese (romanized)

Mahō & Torappu Zōn
Formerly: Mahō & Torappu Kādozōn

Japanese (translated)

Magic & Trap Zone
Formerly: Magic & Trap Card Zone


Spell & Trap Zone
Formerly: Spell & Trap Card Zone

Spell & Trap Zones (()(ほう)(トラップ)ゾーン Mahō & Torappu Zōn "Magic & Trap Zone"), formerly Spell & Trap Card Zones (()(ほう)(トラップ)カードゾーン Mahō & Torappu Kādozōn "Magic & Trap Card Zone"), are the 5 Zones where Spell and Trap Cards are placed on the field (except Field Spell Cards and Pendulum Monsters, which are played in the Field Zone and Pendulum Zones, respectively).

If all Spell & Trap Zones are occupied or rendered unusable, new Spell/Trap Cards (other than Field Spell Cards and Pendulum Monsters) cannot be activated or Set, as there must be a usable vacant Spell & Trap Zone to place the card in.

Cards cannot be moved between Spell & Trap Zones.

A Trap Monster requires both a Spell & Trap Zone and a Monster Zone, due to the fact that it is simultaneously treated as both a Trap Card and a Monster Card.[3] However, it is placed in the Monster Zone, and despite the Spell & Trap Zone being unusable it is not considered occupied (for the purposes of cards such as "Straight Flush" and "D/D/D Dragonbane King Beowulf").[4] If a Trap Monster is flipped face-down (such as due to the effect of "Book of Moon" or "Cyber Shadow Gardna") or has its Trap effect negated (such as due to the effect of "Jinzo"), it will return to that associated Spell & Trap Zone as a Trap Card.[5]

On game mats, they are located in the lower-middle and are often colored cyan.



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