"Speed Spell" (Spスピードスペル Supīdo Superu) is an archetype of Speed Spell Cards featured in the Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's anime, as well as the video games Stardust Accelerator, Reverse of Arcadia and Over the Nexus. They are used in Turbo Duels, and are inherently linked to the "Speed World" series.


Speed Counters Speed Spell
0-8 Overboost
2+ Angel Baton
Count Up
Curse of Destiny
High Speed Crash
Lightning Rod
Speed Energy
Synchro Defuse
Vision Wind
3+ Half Seize
Reactor Pod
Zero Reverse
4+ Dash Pilfer
Rapid Shotwing
Silent Burn
Sonic Buster
Speed Force
Speed Fusion
Star Force
Summon Close
Summon Speeder
Tune Up 123
5+ Fallen Synchron
Silver Contrails
Synchro Return
6+ Power Baton
Shift Down
7+ Synchro Panic
8+ Final Attack
10+ End of the Storm
Gap Storm
Tyrant Force