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Speed Counters are only used in Turbo Duels. This kind of counter is used by "Speed World" and "Speed World 2". It enables for both players to gain Speed Counters on either one of each turns. The Speed Counters affect the actual speed of your Duel Runner. Most Speed Spells requires a minimum number of Speed Counters to be present, and some also require you to pay counters. These counters are referred to on the Duel Runner's display monitor as "SPC".

 Japanese nameCard typeAttributeLevelTypeATKDEF
Acceleration Zoneアクセル・ゾーンTrap Card
Normal Trap Card
Acceleration Zone (anime)アクセル・ゾーンTrap Card
Des Acceleratorデス・アクセルTrap Card
Normal Trap Card
Doom Accelerator (anime)デス・アクセルTrap Card
Full ThrottleフルスロットルTrap Card
Continuous Trap Card
... further results

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