Specter (スペクター, Supekutā) is a character appearing in the Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS anime. He is Revolver's assistant and a member of the Knights of Hanoi.



Specter is a fair skinned man with gray hair and light blue eyes



Specter appeared inside the Knights of Hanoi base along with Revolver. He reported that they had found a lead on Ignis. He also told Revolver about Playmaker and how he will interfere with their plans.

He next told Revolver that he had made some wrong decisions in his attempt to gain Ignis. He however said that the sliver lining was that SOL Technology also failed to gain the A.I.

Later inside the Knights base, he and Revolver watched Blue Angel's public announcement to duel Playmaker. He told Revolver that they could use her.

Inside LINK VRAINS, Specter appeared from the shadows to speak to a waiting Blue Angel. He told her how Playmaker hadn't showed up and she questioned if he was a Knight. Ignoring the question, he said hello to her and the section where they were meeting then turned into a darkened, digital area. Specter, appearing bigger then his usual size, walked into Blue Angel before disappearing. The shock made Blue Angel shield her eyes.

Specter and Blue Angel meet.

He appeared behind Blue Angel which shocked her and as she moved, he appeared before her. He said he was a fan of hers and she accused him of lying. He denied this and said he wanted her to beat Playmaker, while now appearing on the floor. Specter then returned to standing and held up a glowing purple card. He fired it towards Blue Angel which hit her. He told her this card will open a door deep in your heart. He wished her luck and disappeared. The card seemed to be absorbed into her duel disk upon his exit.

After he left, Blue Angel seemed to not remember why she was there.


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