Sozoji's concert

Yugi at one of Sozoji's All Night Solo Live Shows.

Sozoji's All Night Solo Live Show was a monthly karaoke concert in the Yu-Gi-Oh! manga, performed by the terrible singer Sozoji.[1]

Sozoji forced Yugi Mutou and Tomoya Hanasaki to sell tickets to his concert at ¥2000 (about $17 US at the time) each. Neither of them were able to sell any tickets, but Yugi offered to take Hanasaki's tickets to sell, so only one of them would suffer when they're not sold. However Sozoji saw the transaction and beat-up Hanasaki afterwards.[1]

When nobody else showed-up for the concert, Sozoji forced Yugi to listen to his singing on earphones turned-up to a deafening volume. After the first song, he showed Yugi, Hanasaki's beaten body. Enraged, Dark Yugi emerged and faced Sozoji in a silence game Shadow Game, using Sound Pierrot dolls. Sozoji lost and received the "Beat Festival" Penalty Game.[1]


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