Soul Fist
  • Japanese: 魂を刻む右
  • Kana: エングレイブ・ソウル・ライト
  • Romaji: Engureibu Sōru Raito
  • Translated: Engrave Soul Right
Card type

Spell SPELL.svg


Equip.svg Equip

Effect type

Equip only to a "Red" Synchro Monster. Once per turn: You can make the ATK of all monsters your opponent currently controls with ATK higher than the equipped monster become equal to the equipped monster's ATK, until the end of this turn. If an opponent's monster is destroyed: You can make the equipped monster's ATK become equal the destroyed monster's original ATK, until the end of this turn.

Anime cards (Galleries: ARC-V)

Other languages

Name Lore
Japanese 魂を刻む右エングレイブ・ソウル・ライト 「レッド」Sモンスターにのみ装備可能。①:1ターンに1度、装備モンスターの攻撃力よりも高い攻撃力を持つ相手フィールドのモンスター[...]
Engureibu Sōru Raito



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