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|frname = Absorption d'Âme
|frname = Absorption d'Âme
|spname = Drenaje de Alma
|spname = Drenaje de Alma
|itname = Risucchio dell'Anima
|ja_name = ソウルドレイン
|ja_name = ソウルドレイン
|phon = Sōru Dorein
|phon = Sōru Dorein

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Soul Drain
Flag of the United Kingdom English Soul Drain
Flag of France French Absorption d'Âme
Flag of Germany German Seelenentzug
Flag of Italy Italian Risucchio dell'Anima
Flag of Spain Spanish Drenaje de Alma
Flag of Japan Japanese ソウルドレイン
Flag of Japan Phonetic Sōru Dorein
Type Trap Card TRAP
Property Continuous Continuous
Card Number 73599290
Card effect types Cost, Continuous
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