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"Solemn Judgment"

  • かみ
  • 神の (base)
  • かみの (ruby)
  • Kami no (romanized)
  • God's (translated)


  • 神之
  • Shén zhī (pinyin)
  • San4 zi1 (jyutping)
  • God's (translated)


  • Solennel


  • Feierliche
  • Ernste


  • Solenn


  • 신의
  • Sin-ui (romanized)
  • God's (translated)


  • Solene


  • Solemne


Anime appearances

"Solemn", known as "God's" (かみKami no) in Japanese, is a series of Counter and Continuous Trap Cards.

The Counter Trap Cards focus on negating Summons or activation of cards and effects, just like the majority of the cards of that variety, but all have in common the Life Points payment as cost. The Continuous Trap Cards don't have any feature in common (the Kanji "神の" makes them part of the series) and they have no direct relation of effects with one another or with the "Solemn" Counter Trap Cards.

An old masculine figure, with a divine, authoritative mien appears in their artworks, except for "Solemn Wishes"; also, in each of the Counter Trap Cards, there is a pair of feminine figures who seem to be somehow submissive to the old man.

Another exception to this artwork theme is "Ultimate Providence", whose artwork features a happening in the Duel Terminal world instead. Also, "Ultimate Providence" is so far the only Counter Trap card in the series that lacks the LP cost, as well as the word "Solemn" in its TCG name. Just like the Continuous Trap cards in this series, it becomes a member purely due to its OCG name. However, the God in its name may be a reference to the transformation of "Infernoid Tierra" (who appears in its artwork) into "Tierra, Source of Destruction".

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