Soaring Eagle Above the Searing Land

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Soaring Eagle Above the Searing Land
English Soaring Eagle Above the Searing Land
French Aigle des Terres Brûlantes
German Adler über dem brennenden Land
Italian Aquila Volante Sopra la Terra Che Brucia
Korean 홍련지대를 나는 매
Spanish Águila Sobrevolando la Tierra Abrasadora
Japanese (kana) ぐれんちたいをとぶたか
Japanese (base) 紅蓮地帯を飛ぶ鷹
Japanese (rōmaji) Gurenchitai wo Tobu Taka
Japanese (translated) Crimson-Land-Soaring Hawk
Card type Monster
Attribute FIRE FIRE.svg
Types Winged Beast / Tuner
Level 1 CG Star
ATK / DEF 100 / 0
Passcode 26381750
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