Sneak Peek Participation Cards: Series 3

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The Sneak Peek Participation Cards: Series 3 is a series of Sneak Peek participation cards for the following sets:



Set number English name French name Rarity Category
STON-FRSP1 Grandmaster of the Six Samurai Grand Maître des Six Samouraïs Super Rare Effect Monster
FOTB-FRSP1 Volcanic Rocket Fusée Volcanique Super Rare Effect Monster
TAEV-FRSP1 Gemini Summoner Invocateur Gémeau Super Rare Effect Monster
GLAS-FRSP1 Gladiator Beast Octavius Octavius, Bête Gladiateur Super Rare Effect Monster
PTDN-FRSP1 Dark Grepher Grepher des Ténèbres Super Rare Effect Monster
LODT-FRSP1 Guardian of Order Gardien de l'Ordre Super Rare Effect Monster

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