DMx001 Friendship symbol

The symbol in the anime.

The symbol of friendship was a smiling face drawn by Téa Gardner on Yugi Muto, Joey Wheeler, Tristan Taylor and her own right hands, to represent their friendship. The card "Symbol of Friendship" is based on this.

YGO-033 Smiley

The symbol in the manga.

In the manga, she drew it at the beginning of the third stage of Death-T. She explained that after they graduate and go their separate ways, if they are ever alone, all that they have to do is think of the smiley face and remember being there and being friends. Although the ink would eventually wear off, she said that the ring will still be there in their hearts.[1]

In the anime, she drew it before Yugi faced Seto Kaiba. In the Japanese version, she recited her speech about the ink wearing away. In the English uncut version she also said that the ink is not permanent so it will wash away, but they will always remember this circle of friends. In the English cut version, she said that when Yugi's Dueling, he will know that he is not alone and they will all be right there with him.[2]


The manga and anime versions of the face had a few differences:

  • In the manga, the eyes were small circles, which each fitted on one finger. In the anime, she used larger arcs, which went over three of Jonouchi's fingers and four of Honda's.
  • In the manga the smile was a curve with lines at either tip. In the anime, it was a semi-circle.


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