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Slushy Frogs is a Deck type, which combines the versatility of "Frog" monsters with the Aqua-Type monster, "Slushy".

The idea of the Deck is to use the effects of several Frogs, including Swap Frog and Tradetoad, to accumulate 3 Slushys in the Grave for use of their effects. Due to this Deck being made up of mostly Level 2 or lower Aqua Monsters that can treat themselves as Des Frog, it gains use of cards like Atlantean Dragon Poseidra, Wetlands, and Des Croaking. It is not recommended to use Solidarity in a build that utilizes Poseidra as he is not an Aqua-Type Monster. Other notible Frogs to use include Flip Flop Frog, to bounce powerful monsters like Stardust Dragon and Wind-Up Zenmaines, Ronintoadin, simply because he is Level 2 and treated as Des Frog, Dupe Frog, for an attack lock plus searchability, and of course Swap Frog for his unique ability to dump Aquas like Slushy into the Grave. Unifrog poses a unique way to bypass your opponent's largest offense or defense, plus clears one card out of the backrow, despite his low attack. It is unwise to use Treeborn Frog in this build as your backrow will be used quite often for a back-up plan.

Support cards are basic but helpful. Salvage and Surface can bring destroyed cards like Dupe Frog and Unifrog back into play, since most monsters in this Deck Type are below 1500 ATK and below Level 3. All the monsters in this deck are WATER so they gain bonuses from WATER Support Cards like Moray of Greed for Draw Power and Water Hazard for Swarming. Poseidon Wave is a very useful Trap if your opponent manages to break your attack lock with Dupe Frog, as it can deal upwards of 4000 damage to your opponent which is definitely substantial. Mist Body can also be helpful in case you can only get out 1 Dupe Frog, making it indestructible by battle until you can get out another one.

This decktype includes Xyz Monsters, but only ones that are Rank 2, which would limit them to a select few but somewhat useful choices, such as Gachi Gachi Gantetsu and Number 96: Dark Mist. These choices are dependent on player prefrence of defensive or offensive choices.

Typical cards


Due to the history that the Frog Archtype has with the Ban List, this deck will become useless if certain key cards become Limited or Forbidden. This Build will become extremely slow if Swap Frog or Tradetoad are Forbidden and will be hindered defensively if Dupe Frog becomes Limited. Otherwise, cards that mass destroy like Torrential Tribute, Dark Hole, and Lightning Vortex can disrupt this build greatly. Cards that remove the utility of the Graveyard like Macro Cosmos can kill this Deck easily.

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