SP –Minor: (Warning)

  • This penalty is appropriate when a player unintentionally plays slowly, causing a minor delay in the game. It is a player’s responsibility to play at a reasonable pace, regardless of how complex a situation may be.
  • A time extension of at least three minutes should be given following a Slow Play warning.
  • Slow play infractions that continue throughout an event should be upgraded.
  • A player is excessively slow while searching his or her Deck with an appropriate effect.
  • A player constantly requests to see his or her opponent’s Graveyard, or constantly requests a hand count during a given turn.
  • A player takes longer than the 3 minutes allowed to access his or her Side Deck in between games of a match.
  • A player arrives at his table after three minutes have passed in the round, then takes an additional length of time to roll out his or her playmat, rummage for his or her Deck, or otherwise get set up for the game.

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