Sky Galloping Gaia the Dragon Champion
English Sky Galloping Gaia the Dragon Champion
French Gaïa le Dragon Champion Galopant au Ciel
German Himmelsgaloppierender Drachenmeister Gaia
Italian Gaia il Dragone Galoppante del Cielo
Korean 천상의 용기사 가이아
Portuguese Galopante Celeste Gaia, o Matador de Dragões
Spanish Gaia el Campeón Dragón Galopante del Cielo
Japanese (kana) てんしょうのりゅうきしガイア
Japanese (base) 天翔の竜騎士ガイア
Japanese (rōmaji) Tenshō no Ryūkishi Gaia
Japanese (translated) Gaia the Soaring Heaven Dragon Knight
Card type Monster
Attribute WIND WIND.svg
Types Dragon / Fusion / Effect
Level 7 CG StarCG StarCG StarCG StarCG StarCG StarCG Star
ATK / DEF 2600 / 2100
Passcode 02519690
Materials 1 "Gaia The Fierce Knight" monster + 1 Dragon-Type monster
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