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This Property entry details every card that causes either player to skip their Draw Phase.

All OCG/TCG "Skips Draw Phase" cards

 Japanese nameCard typeAttributeTypeLevelRankATKDEF
Dr. FrankenderpDr.フランゲEffect Monster
Monster Card
FirecrackerファイヤークラッカーMonster Card
Effect Monster
Flower Cardian Lightshower花札衛-雨四光-Monster Card
Synchro Monster
Flower Cardian Moonflower花札衛-月花見-Monster Card
Synchro Monster

All Anime "Skips Draw Phase" cards

 Japanese nameCard typeAttributeTypeLevelRankATKDEF
Candelato, the Beast of Light光源獣 カンデラートMonster CardLIGHTBeast120000000000000000
Fenrir (anime)フェンリルMonster CardWATERBeast40000140000001200
Flower Cardian Lightshower (anime)花札衛-雨四光-Monster CardDARKWarrior80000300000003000
Orichalcos Gigasオレイカルコス・ギガースMonster Card??????40000040000001500
Psychic Armor Head (anime)サイキック・アーマー・ヘッドMonster CardEARTHMachine40000000000000500
Yata-Garasu (anime)八汰烏Monster CardWINDFiend20000020000000100
YowieヨーウィーMonster CardEARTHReptile30000050000000500
 Japanese nameCard typeProperty
Binding Swords of Impact衝撃の拘束剣Trap Card
D - ForceD-フォースSpell Card
Drain Timeドレイン・タイムSpell Card
ExcaliburエクスカリバーSpell Card
Falloutフォール・アウトSpell Card
Mine Blast鉱山爆破Trap Card
Offerings to the Doomed (anime)死者への供物Spell Card
Pendulum Illusionペンデュラム・イリュージョンSpell Card
Time Seal (anime)刻の封印Trap Card

All Manga "Skips Draw Phase" cards

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