Skill (スキル, Sukiru) is a special rule characteristic of Speed Duels featured in Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links and the Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS anime.

Skills are special effects that each player can only use once per Duel. They may possess a number of effects, like improving a draw, increasing one's LP or enhancing a monster's ATK.[1] They can be used during either player's turn.[2] Skills appear to be procedurally-generated, though rather than being generated randomly like they would be in real world video games, they appear to be generated to fit a Duelist's deck and/or Dueling style. As seen with Playmaker and Revolver, multiple Duelists can share a given skill.

Skills can be hacked to do previously unheard-of abilities, such as the Double Draw skill used by a Knight of Hanoi.

The Duel Links Legend Deck Guide listed certain Skills as suggestions for casual play using the Legend Decks in the guide.

List of Skills


Skill User Ability Picture
Double Draw
(ダブルドロー, Daburu Dorō)
Unnamed Knight of Hanoi The user draws two cards for their normal draw during their Draw Phase.[1] Double Draw
Storm Access
(ストームアクセス, Sutōmu Akusesu)
If the user has 1000 or less LP, the user randomly obtains a Link Monster from a nearby Data Storm and adds it to their Extra Deck.[1] The more intense the Data Storm, the stronger the obtained Link Monster will be.[3] The obtained card can then be materialized in the real world with the proper equipment.[4] Storm Access
Fighting Spirit
(闘魂, Tōkon)
Go Onizuka The user Special Summons all "Gouki" monsters that were destroyed by battle this turn.[2] Tokon
Trickstar Fraud
(トリックスターフロード, Torikkusutā Furōdo)
Blue Angel During the opponent's turn, the user discards a "Trickstar" card to make the opponent draw until they have 3 cards in their hand.[5] During the End Phase, the opponent must banish a card from their hand for each "Trickstar" monster in the user's GY.[6] Trickstar Fraud
Secret Cure
(シークレットキュア, Shīkuretto Kyua)
Ghost Girl The user excavates cards from their Deck until a Monster Card is revealed. That monster is added to the hand, all non-Monster Cards are sent to the GY, and both players gain LP equal to that monster's ATK.[7] Secret Cure
Preserve Species
(種の保存, Shu no Hozon)
Dr. Genome When a Link Monster is Special Summoned from the GY, the opponent's LP and one of their monsters' ATK are halved.[8] Preserve Species
Forbidden Surgical Operation (フォビドゥン・サージカル・オペレーション, Fobidun Sājikaru Operēshon Baira The user banishes 2 Level 2 or lower monsters that with the same name from their GY to Special Summon 2 monsters with same name, whose Levels are equal to the banished monsters', from their Deck.[9] Forbidden Surgical Operation
Triple Draw
(トリプルドロー, Toripuru Dorō)
AI Duelist Unknown[10] N/A

Duel Links Legend Deck Guide

Skill Official English Name Character Ability Picture
Power of Dark
(闇の力, Yami no Chikara)
Power of Dark Yami Yugi Skill You begin the Duel with the Field Spell Card "Yami" active. Yugi Power of Dark
Sorcery Invitation
(魔導招来, Madō Shōrai)
Sorcery Conduit Yami Yugi Skill When your LP became 1800, during your Draw Phase, instead of your normal draw, draw a random Spellcaster monster. Yugi Sorcery Invitation
Destiny Draw
(ディスティニードロー, Disutinī Dorō)
Destiny Draw Yami Yugi Skill When your LP became to 2000, during your Draw Phase, instead of your normal draw, you can draw whichever card you choose. Yugi Destiny Draw
Those Who Stand at the Top
(頂に立つ者, Itadaki ni Tatsu Mono)
Peak Performance Seto Kaiba Skill You begin the Duel with the Field Spell Card "Mountain" active. Kaiba Stand
(粉砕!, Funsai!)
Beatdown Seto Kaiba Skill Once per turn, this turn, all monsters you control gains 300 ATK for each Level 5 or higher monsters you control. Kaiba Pulverize
Heavy Starter
(ヘビースターター, Hebī Sutātā)
Heavy Starter Seto Kaiba Skill If there are 3 or more different Level 5 or higher monsters in your Deck, your opening hand will include 1 Level 5 or higher monster. Kaiba Heavy Starter
(リスタート, Risutāto)
Restart Generic Skill After you draw your opening hand, you can redraw it. Generic Restart
LP Boost α
(LP増強α, Raifupointo Zōkyō Arufa)
LP Boost α Generic Skill Increase your initial LP by 1000. Generic LP Boost
Draw Sense: Spell/Trap
(ドローセンス: 魔法・罠, Dorō Sensu: Mahō/Torappu)
Draw Sense: Spell/Trap Generic Skill Can be used when your LP decreases to 1800. During your Draw Phase, instead of your regular draw, draw a random Spell/Trap Card. Generic Draw Sense


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