Skeleton Knight

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Skeleton Knight
Rudger Skeleton Knight
English name
  • Roman Goodwin
Japanese translated
  • Rudger Goodwin
Other names

Skeleton Knight

  • December 14[1]


  • 1.89 m
    6.201 ft
    74.409 in
    189 cm[1]
  • "Unknown" is not a number.Unknown[1]
  • Male

Skeleton Knight's Crusade

Manga Deck


Manga debut

Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Ride 1: "Yusei, Turbo Duelist!!"

Appears in
Skeleton Knight
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Roman Goodwin, known as Rudger Goodwin (ルドガー・ゴドウィン, Rudogā Godowin) in the Japanese version, is a character from the Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's manga and a main antagonist. He is the brother of Rex Goodwin and also goes by the alter ego, the Skeleton Knight (骸骨騎士, Gaikotsu Kishi), a being from an urban legend.

When a Duelist claps their cards together at sunset, the Skeleton Knight is said to appear and give them rare cards.[2] However, this is a trap; the cards that they are given, the "Duel Dragon" cards, eventually take over and corrupt them, making them loyal minions to Roman. Roman's ultimate plan is to conduce the Festival of Duality along with his brother, Rex Goodwin; however, unlike Rex, who desires the power of the Ultimate God, Roman's goal is to free Rex from the control of the Ultimate God's dark miasma and save him.


Human Rudger manga

Skeleton Knight's human form; Roman.

After Sect Ijuin lost to Yusei Fudo in a factory in Satellite, he held his cards up to the sunset, clasped them together and prayed for cards to help him beat Yusei.[2]

Roman, in the form of the Skeleton Knight, appeared on an altar which had not been there before and took Sect captive. Yusei demanded that he give Sect back, but the skeleton challenged Yusei to a Duel.[2] He is defeated when Yusei breaks the pipe he was running along, causing him to get disqualified for stopping. After losing, he starts to disappear, but asks Yusei his name before totally vanishing.[3]

While Sect is in the hospital, he appears to him in a dream. According to the ancient edicts, the knight says that he shall grant Sect's wish. When Sect wakes-up, he finds himself holding a card: A Level 8 Monster Card, named Beelze, King of Dark Dragons.[4]

Roman later appears behind Yusei whilst he is Turbo Dueling against Hunter Pace, as one of his servants, Sect was currently being infected by one of the Skeleton Knight's dark cards, which Yusei along with the other Signers could feel.[5]

Skeleton horseman

The Skeleton Knight on his horse

During Sect and Jack Atlas's Duel, the Skeleton Knight interrupts the Duel by bursting out of the ocean on his altar and salvaging Sect before he lost to Jack. He then reveals that he and Sect are involved within an evil, dark cult known as the Skeleton Knight's Crusade, which consist of several Duelists who wished for cards from the Skeleton Knight. These members all follow his commands and consider the Signers their enemies. He then disappears with Sect, leaving Yusei and Jack shocked at the events that just occurred.[6]

Roman's plans are later revealed to involve the "Ultimate God", which he plans to resurrect in the Aerial Fortress Seibal.[7]


Opponent(s) Ride(s) Outcome
Yusei Fudo 2-4 Lose
Yusei Fudo 48-50 Lose

Roman uses a "Hellfire" Deck focused on his "Duel Dragon", "Underworld Dragon Dragonecro". He also utilizes several cards to protect it, such as "Hellfire Veil" and "Spectral Ice Floe".

Manga Deck


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