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Starting in Power of the Duelist, Upper Deck Entertainment began simplifying many of the previously standardized effect descriptions.


  • Inflict X points of damage to your opponent's Life Points ➨ Inflict X damage to your opponent.
  • Increase your Life Points by X points ➨ Gain X Life Points ➨ Gain X LP.
  • Increase the ATK/DEF of this card by X points ➨ This card gains X ATK/DEF.
  • Attack your opponent's Life Points directly ➨ Attack your opponent directly.
  • A card with "X" in its card name ➨ A/An "X" card.
  • You can only activate this card when ➨ Activate only when.
  • On your side of the field ➨ you control
  • Tribute 1 monster on your side of the field ➨ Tribute 1 monster
  • Special Summon "X" to your side of the field ➨ Special Summon

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