Dark Simorgh Lockdown method

With this deck you are able to prevent your opponent from setting or playing Spell Cards or Trap Cards in the first round. You need following cards in the starting hand:

Anti-Spell Fragrance, a level 4 Ninja and Ninjitsu Art of Transformation OR Anti-Spell Fragrance and Ninja Grandmaster Hanzo.

Set the traps and summon the ninja without attacking. If necessary, summon Hanzo to search out Transformation. During your opponent's Standby Phase, activate your traps and Special Summon Dark Simorgh from your deck.

If you don't have these cards at the beginning, don't worry. With Goe Goe the Gallant Ninja, Strike Ninja and Lady Ninja Yae you have several WIND and DARK monsters in your deck to Special Summon Dark Simorgh from your graveyard or your hand. Make sure that your opponent has no traps and spells set. With cards like Heavy Storm, Swift Birdman Joe, and Lady Ninja Yae this won't be a problem.

Don't worry about Marshmallon because you have Ninja Grandmaster Sasuke in your deck who can easily get rid of those Stall cards, and Destiny Hero - Plasma who cancels all your opponent's Monster effect. It can be easily added to your hand with Armageddon Knight and The Warrior Returning Alive and is easily summoned with Scapegoat.

With the release of Ninja Grandmaster Hanzo in Order of Chaos, it will be easier to search for the key card Ninjitsu Art of Transformation, and make more possibilities of deploying the lockdown in the first turn.

Recommended Cards




Side Deck

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