"Silent Magician" (サイレント・マジシャン Sairento Majishan in Japan, written as 沈黙サイレント魔術師マジシャン Sairento no Majishan in the Japanese anime) is an archetype of LIGHT Spellcaster-Type "LV" monsters used by Yugi Muto.

In the TCG and OCG, there are three members: "Silent Magician LV4", "Silent Magician LV8", and "Silent Magician". The former two were first released as Yu-Gi-Oh! Nightmare Troubadour promotional cards. The latter, which is based on "Silent Magician LV0" and "Silent Magician", will be released in Duelist Pack: Pharaoh's Memories.

In the anime and manga, the single card "Silent Magician LV0" (simply called "Silent Magician" in the manga) gained LVs with its own effect.

Official Decks

Official Silent Magician Deck[1]
“Silent Magician” + “Exodia” Deck[2]


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