Shoichi's brother is the younger brother of Shoichi Kusanagi and a mentioned character in the Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS anime.



He strongly resembles Shoichi.



Both he and Yusaku were victims in the Hanoi Project 10 years ago.[1] Despite having been rescued, he is still suffering from the shock of the incident.[2] This event drove Yusaku to fight for him, and defeat the Knights of Hanoi so that Yusaku might save him from darkness.[3]


He has been mentioned several times by Yusaku Fujiki and Shoichi Kusanagi during their fight against Hanoi.[4] After Shoichi discovered the true identity of Blue Angel who is Yusaku's classmate and step sister of SOL Technologies Security Manager Akira Zaizen Shoichi suggest Yusaku to meet her so that he can get a lead on Akira reagarding him and Yusaku's stolen memories but he doubted the plan would work due to Yusaku's poor social skills with women.[5]

He was indirectly mentioned during Playmaker's duel against Revolver as the former vow to Revolver he would save him.[6] While Yusaku and Shoichi were deleting the files of Playmaker people post on the network Yusaku wondered if it was wise to seek Revolver out for answers about Yusaku's past, and about Shoichi's brother.[7]


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